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May 21, 2018, Monday.  Baltimore County, Maryland female officer slain; a firearm was discharged during the incident; vehicular assault seems to have occurred; a black or very dark colored Jeep Wrangler was seen taking off from the scene after performing the assault with that vehicle.  Suspects are reportedly still at large.  A shared content with HCN Roundups, Synopses, Statements page with a Maryland News posting is underway.

May 22, 2018 revision: The gunshot initially referred to in the incident may have been from a discharge from the firearm the officer possessed.  Nevertheless an assault on the officer of some sort still occurred.  Within several days of today, exactly what happened and how the vehicle was involved will likely be determined.  At least one suspect has been apprehended.  Several other individuals have been detained.  Officer has been identified.

April 13th 2018, check our auxiliary site for Gaza developments

Smaller Scale Combustible Activities Affecting Airplanes Current Concern

April 19, 2018
Firstly, condolences to all those that have been affected by recent airplane incidents.

On a mechanical level respective to safety, as time moves along and progress is made to mitigate and reduce potential failures both in the way of flight security and general minimization of mechanical failures, the areas that could be vulnerable are going to be left in the little things.

In the past several days, there has been an incident on a Southwest Airlines flight, and a Delta flight.

Delta flight was heading from Atlanta to London, and reportedly had an engine fire.  Occurrence yesterday evening just after 6:30pm EST.

Southwest flight Tuesday morning earlier this week, heading from New York to Dallas, may have had an engine related malfunction that had ramifications that caused other problems.

Abovesaid, direct references to U.S. planes.  However, there are other regions of the world that are troubled by older planes, and have had  incidents and crashes in the past few months of different ranges.  Learning from each other in areas like airplane and flight safety can benefit.


Multiple Dynamics Involving Fatalities in Syria Producing Chaotic Atmosphere

February 11, 2018
Can be key points:
Losing track of all the different back and forth fighting and casualties, as in who did what, can result in starting to lose the grapple-hold of what is going on in the region and what to expect, especially respective the 'revenge factor', where fighting or an attack could occur in the future for reasons not understood at the moment by 'outsiders' for word brevity or intervention forces that were not aware of their root causes.

The big authorities away from the field could in itself allow other developments to occur.
-Not an analogy, but so that you can 'see the science', a few rodents start to run rampant in an area unattended in the city, as long as there is fodder for them to continue, such as food sources available, after a while there will be an increased amount of the the chaotic scene of rodents running around hither to thither

Unattendance is used, to distinct, not being present, from committing acts of violence

A short list of a few news developments in Syria gleaned in the past few days:

Two Turkish troops killed, military helicopter shot down

Russia has been performing bombing

Nation of Israel has been reported to have conducted the biggest bombing campaign on Syria 'since 1982'

Israel jet shot down; pilot and co-pilot managed to parachute out, albeit, Israeli heads vehement that they will not tolerate; Israeli jets were returning from a bombing campaign of targets that had to do with Iran

Iran evidently based on the news reports is, ipso facto, 'over there'

Japantimes online paper says about 200 persons killed in Syria after raids

What has not been seen, is a clear, for 100% certainty it is factual information, of who is doing what, and on what side, in Syria as it stands this moment.  For instance, what is Iran doing there?, who is Israel trying to bomb?, who else is present in Syria engaging in military action?, what groups comprise rebels and to what degree of sophistication are rebels actually functioning at?

This was written in very brief format and posted at HCN Google Plus page, viz a roundup of the little information possibly applicable to the region for today:

Syria, based on online news stories available, seems to be spiraling into chaos since last week until now, relatively speaking, it may be viewed the spiraling into chaos at a medium pace, compared to slow descent or sudden plunge.  What comprises the chaos is that there are more than just a few countries involved where loss of life is happening.  Israel is speaking on a jet shot down.  Thereunto, Israel jets were flying, details not gleaned yet thus far as to all they were doing,  a drone and Iran is involved.  Iran is involved.  Reports from Japantimes online paper about 200 people either died or been injured or victim,  a number that includes fatalities, in the last week.
Pressure might have mounted on the US not to intervene in the way of large pyro  methods,; based on the types of activities going on right now, it seems that US intervention is not all that much a factor in numerous other countries getting involved and the back and forth violence going on with them.  However, it seems that since the US might have ostensibly stepped back a bit from intervening in affairs in Syria especially at a heightened level on a day to day basis, the authoritative big figure has not been present, shepherd with his big stick analogy, and a bunch of serious incidents have emerged.
So, pyro and attacking might not be the solution to peace in Syria respective to the events of this week, but, some kind of watchful presence whether actually physically present there or speaking on the issues, holding meetings and what-have-you, looks like it can help simmer down some or even a lot of the confusion.


Which Facebook Videos Have Gone Viral Way Off Base: Murder of a Mother of 5 Compared to Child Porn

February 6, 2018
What happened?

As it stands now there are 2 male individuals that are in custody.

Law enforcement authorities had to actually ask people to not open up a 'viral' child porn video that seems to have made its way to Facebook.

In the St. Joseph, Missouri area, a mother of 5 children, known to the community as a nice person has been fatally stabbed in the neck.  Developments occurred to the female that worked at the sports bar after the suspect was being asked to leave, in process of being removed from the property, or some chain of events of that sort. 
Terra Welch-Reents.  She was reportedly age 38.

Other specifics: Legends Sports Bar, incident occurring last Friday night and, or carrying over into early Saturday morning; suspect last name Hernandez-Sabastian

Welch surname and family generally respected, for many years here in the USA.
The situation is bad moment; the suspect appears to be a Hispanic or Latino male in his mid 20s; this went on while efforts are in place to increase the stability of footing in equality access related issues for Hispanics and Latinos, here in the US.

One, what was so burning that a knife needed to be drawn on a human being?
Second, since when is it social conduct that a capable man of about 26 or 27 even reach for a knife in an argument with an unarmed woman?  It is not the social standard, and will not start moving to that low, a level down around demons and the rung of hellfire they hang out in.

That's what is meant by 'what happened here?'  What was the real reason for the event, what was going on in that man's mind?  The emotional and psychiatric health might foreseeably be brought into question.

Both suspects, adult males, like said, in custody.
A higher want is for the type of crimes involved to be in custody.  2018, knife, child porn, easy access to video making tools, night social scene taken advantage of, and combinations with elements like these; society did not always have these ingredients in the construct.  In the best interest of the future, these crimes need to be obsolete, fast.

Tuesday morning the 44 year old, that appeared to be African American in general disposition, turned himself in and was arrested in the Montgomery area of Alabama, not to far from Elmore County; the suspect is or was also wanted for child abuse related allegations in Detroit.

Other specifics: last name Moore; Elmore County jail; suspect reportedly victims' uncle

Similar threads alluded to regarding Hispanics and Latinos in the St. Joseph, MO case go on with efforts for African Americans to see fair trials and equal treatment when under scrutiny of police; it makes it harder when events like this occur.  Bluntly, how productive is the quest for 'racial profiling' to decrease when images like this are etched in police officers' minds, officers of every background?

Where are the priorities going with other dimensions of society, where a child being abused is so interesting that people need to be asked to cool off from watching it, nevermind the despicable shame that it even went close to viral in the first place, and that cases like the woman in St. Joseph goes comparably almost unnoticed outside the immediate area it happened?

There is a lot of work to do to get out of the abyss these 2 incidents have caused; nothing is impossible, however there is a long way up from where we are now.  Straightening one's own, and pulling together to straighten out the whole status, thoroughly, not just loosely constructed vague laws that address racial inequality, but case by case, location by location strategies, wide arch and pinpointed, to ride grievous crime out, and replace it with what is positive.

Historia traducida al español en http://www.headlinecrestnews.com/en-espanol/%C2%BFqu%C3%A9-videos-de-facebook-han-desaparecido-de-la-base-viral-asesinato-de-una-madre-de-5-comparado-con-la-pornograf%C3%ADa-infantil-

A Reason to be Indignant: 'Government Shutdown'

January 21, 2018
A few reminders:
The term, the concept, the usee of it as a euphemism, 'government shutdown' is not something to take lightly.
It is not just nother legislative routine, a fluke if averted, and if it was not averted befor the bell, no big deal.

There are probably more than a few of us that ae keenly aware that a moment like the one last night was coming, evidently working on a 'deal' to preempt government shutdown, a situation which as been recurring at a disturbing regularity, this time all the way up to the edge just before the weekend sets in.

It can appear that the shutdown looms situation, is one where there is a countdown while a room full of well-dressed lawmakers hustle to come up wth a solution; admiration goes out to those who are striving, to do right, and keep America in good condition.  Albeit, that the situation appeared as one where the outcome rested in the hands of a few, for a situation as dire as it is, is something that has to be, without a doubt evaluated, toward a mechanism with efficacy level in consideration.

'Guarantees'.  ?? .  The saying goes in regard to areas like the future of a country, only the Lord can reall provide a guarantee.  A guarantee of survival.  A guarantee of recuperation.  A guarantee that coming out from underneath a government shutdown will materalize.

Bringing this up now instead of the closing, rigt now America ss contending with an ugly equation of: (drugs (cocaine + opioid) + (new marijuana legality laws)) + (murder rates in large cities disproportionate to the rest of about 90% of the US land mass (including losses of children and very young teenagers)) + ('government shutdown')

Immigration and healthcare are reportedly at the pith of the issues contributng to this 'shutdown' of current.  It is true these issues ar important and a large dimension having to do with values America holds dear, however, these issues have been around long time, changes occur to them as needs and policy dynamics change.  Straightforward if there is no govenment up and runing, then who we invite or do not invite, might not even be a matter that exists anymore, the health of those wthin the borders transcends what controls and is innate in the assertion of the borders if and when no government, as people keep living even if government does not; all to emphasize the importance of staying above water.  Government remaining open, or any impasses cleared up as soon as possible, has wisdom.

Written and published January 20th, 2018 EST

Whether or not to discuss and intwine the topic of non-invitees to the US for a multinational party post US 'Jerusalem move' UN resolution fall-out is questioned, perhaps leaders with guidance of higher degree will see this and briing about betterment; remember the G-20 summit? as a general frame of reference-, what if help, assistance, or an act of kindness in generousity to the US would ordinarily be offered but there is ambivalence on the part of another government to do so simply and solely on the basis they were not invited to a forum of the kind they usually are, isolated from post-Jerusalem move?, when, as said recently before, there are far reaching dimensions about Jerusalem that have touched nations different ways for thousands of years which are not even brought up in the median of political debates America participtes in today that nearly consume the world stage? 


Sunday Evening Roundup for January 14th 2018

January 14, 2018
Several countries in recent months have been cited by the State Department as locations where US citizens should be extra careful; Kosovo has been one of the newest on this list.  The bottom line in Kosovo is to take the advice and be careful.  This as opposed to trying to sort out who is a terrorist there, who is not a terrorist, who is a target, who is an ally of terrorist, and so forth, and to try to construct some logic in your own mind that you and your immediate surrounding is immune from any eruption of violence because it does not follow the thread of logic that might ordinarily result in a violence outbreak.
It is known that the Balkan region, Bosnia, Kosovo, Herzegovina, were affected in the early 1990s of genocide and war.  Post end of war, fairy tale of a a war at end corresponds to total peace and tranquility in the land, might not be earthly reality.  Unfortunately there are in this world trouble-makers and people that take advantage of vulnerabilities.

Mount Sangatung eruption.  Indonesia region: warnings, lava flow, eruptions

Amtrak is in the spotlight.  Earlier today in Whitakers area of North Carolina, an upper aged couple had their SUV struck after their vehicle was on the train tracks.  CBSnews online, source.
Evidently they were trying to cross the tracks.  Some reports say they were trying to cross after the crossing arm was already down.  Investigations underway.
Amtrak is having to deal with the situation that happened in Seattle several weeks back, a fire causing Amtrak offices to close over in the Mid-Atlantic within the past few days, and other incidents over the years.  Even though the incident this morning might technically be the fault of the driver if it is proved beyond doubt that they crossed while the guard arm down, it puts more eyes on Amtrak. 
Technical failure of the gray colored SUV on this winter climate day might be something that is considered in the pool of possibilities.

Diary group Lactalis recalling about 12 million boxes of powdered baby milk respective to worries of a salmonella outbreak at one of its plants

Mexico, one of the countries that the US is advising that specific states there are not recommended to travel to, has had an alarming rate of decapitations.  Incident to speak of within the past few days, in Veracruz, region surrounding Xalapa, an incident has emerged involving part of bodies severed.  The violence form according to some news reports might be somehow correlated to gang clashes.

Tanerang police release a reported 33 persons held captive from a rental property in Sepatan, incident reported by Jakarta Post in the past few days

More developments about the 'Jerusalem move', the referent move US President Trump presenting an interest in 'recognizing' it the Capital of Israel and 'moving' the US Embassy there.  The 'slap' and 'slap back' for use of dialogue for use of short words, reference Palestinian leader.  'Slap', term, by the way, might be closer to how the entirety should be treated, plausibly compared to other descriptions that may be felt as haphazard involving the situation, considering that the region of Jerusalem has been holy land before the birth of Muhammad, and perhaps even before the word 'Jew' was even spoken as a description by another notable Prophet about 1500 years before his birth, as the story goes, whereat, there is much holiness and many aspects of holiness that are barely and rarely discussed on the world political stage today, -respectfully put, and without going into detail.
Blessings on all the Prophets.

On the subject of the US Presidency and respect, for those that have the power to do so, please help instead of hurt.
The moment the news media is turned on, on the Internet, there are hints of bigheadedness going on where those that have figured out how to manipulate algorithms and search query results, are writing stories that present negative light on the Presidency, 'tweaked' to present the writer's view, unfortunately, some of the time as the content of those articles and their titles prove, without being fully informed of other aspects of the issues going on.

In another area of the news world, looking at KIRO7 for a moment, who wrote 'Seattle remembers MLK after Trump's reported vulgar comments', written January 17, 2018-  
This is not to strike up enmity with another news channel or site, but let it be stated, the article quoted 'Just hours before...that disparaged Hattians and Africans'.  Take note, Haitians, was not spelled correctly, nor to this point corrected.  Haitians is not spelled with two 't's, unless there is something deep only a few of us know about.  Secondly, was the 'comment', IF IT WAS EVEN SAID, actually intended to be racist, or did it refer to economic woes?

These countries have hit lower dips economically and in living conditions, medical treatment levels, infrastructure levels, compared to many.

For so many years, countries like Haiti, Botswana and neighboring, have suffered from insults that are indicative that they are of lesser importance, not spelling the name of the country is one of the ways that the trend has become almost customary instead of an anomaly.

Although we may strive to be perfect, man might make mistakes.

The way to help, starts by being right and exact.

Connecting the dots on the surface, from words about Africa, to skin tone, to African Americans, is not always the horse to ride, especially to make a point, or move something in the way of progress to a higher level.

Times before Martin Luther King, there were African Americans that died striving to contribute to pave the way to even Martin Luther King, and he likely would say so himself; many of those African Americans are not often mentioned, and might not even be known in the lexicon, by many African Americans alive today.

German occupation of northern Africa, Dutch occupation of southern Africa, to state a few, aside, there are Africans with fair skin and blonde hair, if that is the crux of the big debate.  It should not be the crux.  As a matter of fact, that is the whole point of the over and above racism concept.

Understanding there has been decades of dimensions of African Americans, Native Americans, and others undergoing oppression in the US, caustic words and presentment of views that put condescending tilts especially on our government's leaders, should be balanced in the light of sobriety with the larger encompassing truth.

Slight revisions and edits to above content.  Update January 15th, 2018:  
There is a level of sensitivity with what is in sync with the preponderant emotional tone 'through here' referring to MLK Day, hence, a level of understanding of discomfort that may have arose when comments are said that may invoke memories or remind those to whom applicable, of comments that ordinarily may be received with umbrage, such as about Haiti, Africa, Africans, African Americans, African Europeans, or aboriginal Australians and Pacific Islands region, even if comments are not intended to be or nail-on racial slurs, affront, disparaging, or offend.

January 11th 2018 Night Top Keywords of Global News

January 12, 2018
Brexit / Nigel Garage / second referendum, new hopes, anti-Brexit
  -Where are we with respect to Brexit status?  Reference impacts said and actualities
    -Information point, if Brexit materializes with what elements are in place as of current, materialization not in affect until March 2019, hence, the slight possibility of room for some degree of latency

Ecuador / Julian Assange / WikiLeaks founder / acceptance of citizenship
  -Where are we with respect to the entirety of the WikiLeaks incident?  Reference impacts said and actualities
    -Media reports that the big incident which tipped off prospects of extraditing had implications of affecting US intelligence

Over 90% of foreign nationals that are in jails are illegal immigrants, per fox news citing a 2017 report they say was produced by the DOJ and DHS
    -What do these statistics correspond to?  There might be the possibility of the base simple concept of people trying to sneak into the US then do crimes

Late Night Headline News Roundup for January 2nd 2018

January 3, 2018
Two girls, about age 14 and 7, are missing, they 'might be' with a suspect of interest.  There mom has been found dead.  Round Rock area, near Austin.

A boy found in the closet of a house that was suspect for meth production, became acquainted with vermin he says.  Developments since about the 20th of December 2017.  Houston area.

New York:
Just days after a devastating fire took place in the Bronx that claimed the lives of what some reports say were a dozen persons, this morning, about 5:30am, a 7-alarm fire emerged from a furniture store, in the Bronx

A Scarsdale, NY family mourns the loss after members were victim of a smaller sized plane crash in or near Costa Rica over the weekend

No condescending on our southern neighbors whatsoever, however, let it be clear that there have been 2 major incidents in about as many days, as the Finance Director of the southern California city, Imperial Beach, was assaulted with fatality result in Mexico.  The guidance and advisories for certain prudency in the area has to be amplified.  
-Does the time of year have anything to do with it?, might be among the areas that are being assessed in developing the kinds of advisories called for.

Los Angeles, California:
Late last night, Monday, a fire affected the life of a man in his early seventies, reportedly age 74, another fire in a senior living building within the past month thereabout, reference other areas in the US.  The fire, South Normandie, evidently was not readily apparent from outside the building, however was intense contender at the unit that it affected.

Now that the devastating wiildfires have started to wind down, there is another challenge, which is the threat of mudslides in their place.

Transitioning into politics, California did get Presidential declaration of disaster zone, respective the wildfires.

Many of the same names, new ripples

Recent news reports have been emerging giving summary takes on Trump views on funding that went to Iran during the Obama Administration.
There is the rushed opinion of what was said, then there is the reality of what was said.  AOL put out an article that discussed money going into 'Iran's pockets', which may be a chronological fact, not necessarily a condescending statement that is indicative that there was 'funding of terror'; let us be careful; sometimes the rush job to summarize a story can get sloppy and inaccurate.
A very, very brief chronology of major events in the Iraq and Iran region the past 50 years, might help crytstallize that facts in history, and is what is, is distinguished from an opinion transformed into facts:
  • Iraq and Iran was at war about 40 years ago, early to mid 1980s roughly; an irony to the Muslim World, as ordinarily, the saying applies, if two Muslims are fighting one of them is not a believer
  • Ayatollah Khomeini took power; the 'Shia regime' was 'feared' 'by the West' insofar the potentiality of events of violence erupting
  • Saddam Hussein was in power and his positioning with the US toward the end, of him being in power, became one generally perceived as in opposition
  • Iraq invaded Kuwait
  • Iraq War, commencing late 1980s, continuing on through through the early 1990s; still today, US forces in the region to some degree
  • Perceptions of which country, Iran or Iraq, was more of an aggressor, might have been affected by the abovesaid wars
  • The dynamics of foreign policy relations between the USA and Iraq, or USA and Iran, might have likewise been affected
  • Iran known more for nuclear issues recently
  • Iraq was known more for outright military action

In other news, Senator Orrin Hatch is reported to be retiring, which may provide a less resistive path to Mitt Romney taking the vacant seat

New Year January 1 2018 Successes Paving the Way

January 2, 2018
Sterling, Virginia was the site of a law enforcement raid on a house that had numerous red flags of involvement with ISIS, developments of the raid materializing from about last Friday.

Coming off the tragedy that took place in Douglas County, Colorado yesterday, the crackdown which may have preempted similar events whether in the homeland or abroad, is a law enforcement action to be grateful for.

A few teens have been found safe after being reported missing over the weekend thereabout as well.  Disappearances have hurt the morale of the DC area for years, so finding them a lift.

December 30th Roundup of Major Stories

December 31, 2017
Finance Director of the southern California city of Imperial Beach, Doug Bradley, assaulted by persons armed with guns, the extent resulted in fatality, occurrence in Mexico within the past few days.

Protests have been taking place in Iran the past few days, intense enough to be a focus of international news.

Reports of 10 people dead in connection to a car accident in or near Acapulco, Mexico within recent hours.

Reports about the building fire in the Bronx area of New York within the past few days say the incident had primary contribution to getting started by a child playing with the stove.
Notes: Increase of social media presence or capacity has made stories about tragedies like this one more readily available to a larger audience faster; a!lthough logically evident, it might be set in contrast to the dispersment of information about other fires in New York over the decades; the Bronx fire spoken of has become global news soon after it happened.

Borderline reads about oil deliveries of sorts to North Korea, it appears the severity is being pulled back, whereas generally if pul backs are being purposely done as a tactic to set a government up to be looked down on for foreign policy affirmations, the tactic is liked down on, other times it could be natural waxing and waning of societal shifts.
Notes: A framework has emerged in recent months comprised of some nations having discomfort over some of the activities that North Korea has engaged in, especially in the last year, such as misile tests, the larger rift in relations that has formed between North Korea and other nations drawing away from them has started to become a fulcrum point where level of closeness, for instance in alliance 'philosophy', is determined by how proximate or comfortable dealings with North Korea are; in simpler words, if you are on team A, in this case many US allied nations, warm relations are to be about minimal to stay on the team, or else you might be facing the prospect of a level of political ostricization from the team.   There have been a number of countries, even those geographically nearby the water surrounded Asian region, that have expressed discomfort with recent actions of North Korea.  Severity being pulled back, can refer to and mean the level of how blatant an oil shipment was considering the political tensions framework, might not have been as much as it first appeared, or changes to how the portrayal is perceivable.


Violent Incidents Where Victims Age 12 and Under in 2017

December 29, 2017
The number of incidents involving danger to, serious injury, or even death, of kids under 12, is enough to be problematic on a national level, however, not often enough to be labeled a 'national problem'. Before 2017 closes out, the subject is being brought up along with the hope the situation gets further addressed, before going into 2018. This is a chart with some, but not all incidents:
Victim/s Victim/s reported age/s Type of incident involved Location of incident Estimated date of occurrence
Sebastian Duque (male) 12 years Victim of hit and run Road near Sea World, Orlando, Florida Tuesday evening December 26, 2017
2 victims under 12 of 4 victims total age 5; age 11 Murder, news reports say as of today Victims found in residential house, Troy, NY area Appears based off news reports, occurrence was on December 26, 2017
2 victims 10 months old; 11 years Domestic violence shooting Apartment complex, Phoenix, AZ Around mid-afternoon, early evening, December 25th 2017
Kameron Prescott (male) 6 years Officer involved shooting while manhunt (female suspect) underway, child victim inside trailer Mobile home park in Schertz, Texas Thursday, December 21, 2017
2 kids (not physically injured) Suspect shot at vehicle with victims inside Locale of residential property, Chadbourn, Columbus County, NC December 17, 2017
2 males 9 years and 11 years Shooting; shots emanated from outside apartment into apartment Apartment, west area of Charlotte, North Carolina December 25th/26th 2017
Female 11 years Shot; limited details; appears to have been accidentally shot by another young resident in the house Residential property, Aquasco, MD Before 10pm, Friday, Dec 22, 2017
Female 7 years Victim grazed by bullet during shooting; assault rifle involved, multiple shots fired in melee Gas station locale, North Collinwood, Cleveland, Ohio Early evening, after 5pm, Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017
Female Over 7 under 10 years, approximate, (hospitalized) Shooting, assault rifle involved Pacoima neighborhood, Los Angeles, California Before 8pm, December 15, 2017
Arabella Nicole Sanchez (female) 1 and a half years Perhaps traumatic force; victim had numerous injuries Apartment complex, Robstown, Texas area December 15, 2017
Jaxson Clay (male) Almost 2 years Drive-by shooting Residential house, Weldon, Halifax County, NC After 8pm, December 7, 2017
Zamarie Chance (male) 9 years Beaten to death, reportedly by immediate relative Hotel room, Fayetteville, NC October 21, 2017
Boy 5 years Appears domestic incident, knife affected UNC housing, Chapel Hill, NC Early Sunday morning, just after midnight, August 20, 2017
Kamari Munerlyn (male) 7 years Victim shot while in moving car, shooters fired from another car Durham, NC Sunday, June 4, 2017
Boy 6 years Shots fired into car child victim was in Sandy, Utah, area about 15 miles south of Salt Lake City Mid afternoon, Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Jayda Kyle (female) 3 years Beaten to death, traumatic force Residential property, Jasper County area, Missouri November 27, 2017
2 males 1 male age 10 killed, male age 12 injured Shooting; appears that victims were in a car at time of incident At an intersection just off Rt 240, in Memphis, Tennessee Mid afternoon, Monday, November 13, 2017
Adelynn Merrell (female) 3 years Victim might have been beaten, then set in woods afterward Crestview, Florida November 9/10th 2017
Moses Harris-Ausler 2 years Appears to be traumatic force, many bruise type injuries Apartment complex, SeaTac, Washington, area Sunday, December 3, 2017
Male 12 years Child victim shot while in an eatery (injured) Between Sheridan Park and Uptown, Chicago, Illinois After 8pm, Thursday, November 2, 2017
Zayden Phillips (male) 2 years Shooting Residential property, Rochester, NY Friday, early afternoon, October 20, 2017
Female Shooting Appears to have been in residential area in or around Killeen, Texas Before 4am, Wednesday December 27, 2017
Male 10 or 11 years Shooting/s Chicago, Illinois Weekend, sometime between Friday July 14, 2017 be and Monday, July 17, 2017
Boy 4 years Shot; appears to be by a relative In residential property, East Chicago (city), Lake County, Indiana May 11, 2017
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February 18, 2018, commercial plane crashes in Iran mountains

Situation of mass shootings in the U.S., either at schools or locations like concerts, have stories covered in both HeadlineCrestNews.com and the HCN Google Plus page.
An incident occurred at a High School in Florida a few days ago.
Note added Febrauary 18, 2018

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