Mounting Discomfort of the U.S. with North Korea Reflective of a Disconcerting Atmosphere Even Through Eid

September 13, 2016
Taking a moment this Eid, a holiday known for its accompanying festivities that ordinarily to those that participate in its recognition there is a reprieve from laborious work tasks, as in everyday employment, to hint at a growing concern.  The concern is not necessarily in the Middle East, but to the west extremes and east of extremes of there.

No matter how much one studies about human and world political relations, there seems to be a phenomenon in the timeline of human history where interactions between parties of humans can get so broiled that the outcome includes events that are an awkward unideal, instead of a blissful continuum of a relative peace while just rhetoric is exchanged.

It can already be inferred why taking a moment to briefly discuss what might be disconcerting exchanges between the U.S. and North Korea is worth the while.

In summary, North Korea has been accused in the recent several years of not falling in line with the way most civilized countries administer justice especially loyalty breaches, and more recently escalations about nuclear capability.  Talk concurrently exists of the U.S. performing shows of force in nearby regions.  It appears that there has been back and forth shows of military might respective North Korea from a number of entities, recurring at an eye catching frequency.

In light of Eid being a day known globally as a day of peace, a day recognizing sacrifice referencing Ibrahim or known popularly spelled with an 'A' at the beginning perhaps intended to connote to certain letters, those that want peace, want peace. 

 The want for peace exists whether it be peace in an ancient land of Ur, or far to the east or west from there.


Big News Global Roundup August 29th 2016 Include Rescue Missions and Relief Efforts While Luxuries Taken for Granted is Construct for Many Popular Stories

August 30, 2016
Taking place this past week on through today, these are some events of note:

Someone rammed a gate to a forensics lab, and fire started

Violence and clashes erupt in Sirte, which has been a recurrent situation the past year or so
Migrants rescued off the coast, near northernmost northwest area

Prospect of about 10,000 Syrians to be let in to the U.S. soon, as a part of a relief effort

In Aden, blast results in over 4 dozen victims, 5 dozen injuries; whether situation messy or not messy, in the region there happens to be tensions, it is concurrently known, Houthi, Hadi, Popular Committees, ISIS/and other acronyms, are reported to have members that can be found in the area

Russia | Kyrgyzstan:
There was a fire that took place in a building or warehouse, about 3 days ago, north of Moscow, about a dozen migrants affected

Receiving humanitarian aid, due to earthquakes it has undergone in past few years

Evident, central eastern region has undergone suffering resultant of wave of seismic activities that started about 5 or 6 days ago

Tens of thousands of refugees trapped there, Chios one of the locations, perhaps the result of migration regulatory efforts in the broader region

A lightning strike killed over 300 reindeer, around the Hardangervidda region in the north
An illustration of how powerful lightning can be; reindeer a large, strong, and special being


2016 G20 Summit Starts in a Few Days

August 28, 2016
Around the end of this upcoming week, beginning of next week, depending on what you recognize as the start of the week, the G20 Summit is set to take place in Hangzhou, China.


Flood and Storm Preparedness Revisited

August 19, 2016
After Hurricane Katrina almost exactly eleven years to this date in August of 2005, a huge roll-out of drama, investigations, and efforts at implementing ingenuity skills to prevent disaster to infrastructure occurred.
It was ongoing for years, even today, the Katrina storm system that hit the southern region of the U.S., is used as a model situation for improvements to severe storm preparedness.
Since the Katrina event, there have been other storms, leading up to today.
In Louisiana, in the aftermath of recent flooding, kids are walking around in the region with no place to stay.

Two areas that need addressing.  One is the preparedness to protect, preserve, and preclude damage to main sources of survival, such as food and shelter; and second, in a fusion with first, is the preparedness of what everyone in the area is going to do if they are affected by a severe storm.  It is a fusion, partly because had the first set of preparedness been more highly developed, then there might be less of a need for the preparedness in the aftermath; simply put, if their house was not destroyed, they might not have to undergo looking for a place to stay.


Attacks Near Masjid Premises in the U.S. Have Been a Cowardly and Too Frequent Occurrence

August 14, 2016
Simple timeline for the past few weeks in 2016:

Earlier today at about 1:50pm, E.S.T., in Queens, New York, Imam Maulama Akonjee, and Thara Uddin, were fatally shot within a few blocks of Masjid.  The location of the shooting where they were approached from behind was about at 79th and Liberty in the Ozone Park area.  The nearby Masjid, Al Furqan Jame [pronounced closer to Jami'ee], is very near Glenmore and 77th.  The likelihood that some kind of videos, photos, or footage of the incident will emerge is present, especially considering the popularity of New York.

Both victims were men over 50.

At the basketball court of the Abu Bakr Islamic Center on International Boulevard in Tukwila, Washington, somewhere between about 8:30pm to 8:45pm local time, August 7th 2016, Sunday evening, an altercation wound up in the stabbing of a security guard.

Abu Bakr Center is near Route 5 and 599 Intersection, 3 miles south of the major airport, and about 5 from Seattle.

The security guard is in somewhat stable condition.  The incident is a bewilderment as to how it escalated to that level.

In New York, outside the Muslim Community Center in Brooklyn, Sunset Park area, Sunday July 3rd, 2016, at least one teenager suffered a horrendously bad eye injury after being beaten.  What all the circumstances were for that particular event, we do not have all the details at this moment.  Whether there was direct provocation or insinuation from the teens is being looked into by authorities.  Nevertheless, the teens did not have an upper-hand, as the man that struck them had about 20 years in age on them.

Madrasah Islamiah in Houston Texas, right down the street, a doctor was ambushed by 3 persons and shot in the yard of his house, Sunday morning, July 3rd 2016.

Fort Pierce Islamic Center, Florida, after late night prayers and opportunity for such Friday July 1, 2016 which might have carried over to early Saturday morning, near the last 7 days of the month of Ramadhan, popularly known as a month of fasting in Islam, in the wee hours of the morning, perhaps about 3am to 4:30am, a man was punched at least once causing bodily injury outside the Masjid,  It is a known practice for Muslim worshipers to spend longer hours in the Masjid during Ramadhan.  The affront comes when young men in their early or middle twenties attempt to seize the opportunity to predate on worshipers.  One of them had a stable-minded rationale for being at the Masjid, and one of them was behaving in an unusual manner in sitting in a vehicle at 3am then in sequence exiting the vehicle to exacerbate a misadventure through use of violence for someone attending the Masjid.
It is also a known fact that the United States is a country where you are free to practice your beliefs, as the behavior you engage in is in acceptable limits.  Praying in a Masjid is clearly within acceptable limits.  There are extremes that have existed in cult groups practicing religions like 'Satanism', where members go so far as to ritually slay another human being, then claim it was done in the name of religion; obviously that is not acceptable.  There is no excuse, not take prayers back to one side of the Atlantic, that allows for brazen assaults to someone that has not done anything to you.


Shooting and Assaulting Police Over Perceived Racial Unfairness is Futile. Here are Some of the Reasons Why.

July 17, 2016
Shooting at police officers is futile, meaning it does not have an effect, on solving 'racially' related problems. Peace and direct behests and requests to stop assaults aimed at police has been called for by relatives of victims and by the top of Government.
In Baton Rouge, Louisiana today, 3 police officers are now deceased, with a high probability there can be connections drawn to 'racial' tension, unrest, and protesting, this adds to 5 police officers that were fatalities in Dallas, Texas amidst protesting on July 7th, 2016.

The above was [part of] a news site byline set July 17, 2016 in the red box reserved for extremely important messages at the top of the main page.

Reasons why assaulting police officers over 'racial' issues is ineffective:

Over and over again, it has been proven that looks from the outside does not always fit in to stereotypes about a person's bloodline, ancestry, history, genealogy, heritage and culture.

On July 7th, 2016, in Dallas, after what is being assessed as a possible tirade aimed at police as a reaction to the incidents where 2 men were killed by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and in Minneapolis, Minnesota within recent days before, a few of the police officers that were victims in Dallas, Texas, have a slim likelihood they would mark solely a 'white' box as a 'racial' category to describe themselves.
How can that be any kind of payback for lost lives for instance from African Americans in the population?
Families of the victims have to suffer mental anguish for the rest of their lives, and carry that forth in almost all that they do, which could be another 80 years or more.

There are some nations and societies that exist today that have no idea what the racial system of 'black, white' and other color descriptions such as these is all about; it simply does not make any sense to them and for substantiated reasons.  For example, there are many cases where a family, both parents remaining the same, has a set of children where each child looks different, different hair, different skin, different perspectives on social matters, and thus, skin alone does not separate them, in that they remain having the same parents; so what sense does it make to divide them up in larger society?

There are many police officers from a wide spectrum of ancestral lines, that work extremely hard at protecting the lives of all citizens from a vast spectrum of ancestral lives, without ever giving a thought to 'raciality' as a factor in how well they should perform their jobs.

A danger has been identified in post-police killing rallies and protests, that such events might form a trap that could endanger police.

Each man, when he faces judgement, faces his or her judgement in regard to deeds, actions, intentions, and thoughts performed, alone; not with their brother, or sister, or parent by their side.  If someone is guilty of racial prejudice, bias, discrimination, unfair 'raciality', then it is that particular individual, not the whole police force, not the whole military, not every citizen of the U.S., not every leader in the U.S.

Propagation of 'raciality' and 'racial' profiling continues, when a racially motivated killing occurs, even if it was to retaliate for another perceived 'racially' motivated killing or unfair lack of mercy to the victim.  There are areas of law enforcement that could be ideal to be further developed, and researched into, instead, a focus on dealing with a spiral of events that ramify from skin descriptions continues, when there is the continuation of crimes where skin descriptions is the theme.

Why is 'race, racial, raciality' and these terms put in quotes?  'Race' in reality, really does not have all that much to do with humans in the first place.  Today the word is spoken with slang and implied use, but in reality, race has to do with animals plants, which humans have been elevated over.  For example, cows could be in the race category of four-legged animals, while birds are in the category with winged beings.  Humans are humans; so a 'racial' category was given to one man one day in one area of the U.S., and it pervaded through his prodigy, while a different 'race' was given to another man in another location, and come to find out they were blood brothers.  Why should their children fight, because one had a fairer skin tone and had a police uniform on, and the other had a tough time economically for a few years; this especially does not make any sense when they in turn have kids and the fairer skinned man's children look just like his brother, and the brother's kids look just like their uncle.

What other nations view of the U.S. as the topography of our nation, does not need to be a coast to coast splash of racially based tension and violence that appears to consume our nation and be almost the only major development going on.

Shootings and assaults being futile means the shootings of police officers did not and will not accomplish anything toward improving togetherness in our Nation.


Perceived as a Coup or Coup Effort in Turkey in Progress July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016
An organized orchestration of usage of a range of military vehicles to perform certain maneuvers which is being perceived as a coup or an attempt at a coup, is in progress in the Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey area.
Lining up trucks perpendicular to the direction of traffic on bridges with soldiers in some kind of consistent uniform is in occurrence, for instance.
There are media reports that imply that it might be a coup against current Turkey President Erdogan.  Media reports also say Erdogan is safe, and the coup will be suppressed soon.  Comments exist in the media that the coup or similar effort is not just a hodgepodge of soldiers making a fleeting jab at the leadership, but a collection of minds with seasoned military experience.


Will tell you now, if the coup is unsuccessful, which it looks like it will be, meaning the coup or whatever maneuvering is being done, is suppressed, then whoever is involved in the coup attempt activity, is going to be facing a severe penalty imposed by the legal system.

Furthermore, if the group claiming responsibility for the coup attempt also says that if they takeover that once they do they will maintain orderly international relations, how can that be guaranteed when they are currently demonstrating that they are prone to disarray or causing disarray, and they are willing to go outside of the orderly system for attaining power.  There is no guarantee that scenes closer to chaos with increased violence could emerge as the timeline continues.  These comments as of 7pm E.S.T.

Popular media in the United States do not appear to fully comprehend all of the dynamics involved in political tensions within Turkey, nor fully understand all subtleties of matters concerning Islam and religious tensions in Turkey.  In brief there are varying groups that have been struggling for political power; this while incidents of terror on smaller scales have been happening off and on over recent years, such as a political party office base was had a small bomb detonate in it.  Has it been clearly stated who and what political party is being represented through the 'coup effort' currently taking place?  is there a political party, if so, what is there alignment and loyalty, and what do they have to produce as substantiation that they will stand behind what they say if what they say is preservation of democracy?

Is what is going on what realistically can attain a successful coup in a time of prevalent computers, cellular phones, and social media?  Maybe 60 years ago in an a town in Africa especially if it was economically less developed, would a display of maneuvers using military vehicles not only be effective, but a successful method to leadership, and be recognized as leadership.  Today, citizens want to see legislation written which attests and has support of the people.  Turkey today is far from a set of villages from long ago, even then Turkey was well developed; standing over someone with a physical militant presence might not be enough to constitute the inward recognition of power shifts.



Another Terror Assault: In Nice, France on Bastille Day 2016

July 15, 2016

Original webpage landing header byline:

A disaster involving scores of loss of life has occurred within the past few hours in France.  Estimated between 7 dozen to 8 dozen persons fatality victims.  This the report as of 10:15pm E.S.T. July 14, 2016.

All eyes around the world 'must turn to' the event, without knowing anything else, we already know some of the nature of it.  We must 'turn from our efforts of peace, and focus on violence', the negative ideas perpetuated by perpetrators.

What has developed since last night in terms of what we know, as of Friday, July 15, 2016 6:4p E.S.T.:

A suspect has been named.

News stories read that an attacker started to shoot from the truck, then eventually drove the truck into a crowd, the distance from the start of the shooting to the climax ending about one mile. 

The driver and attacker was shot, now deceased.

Descriptions of the attacker was that he was in his early thirties, and went undetected by France security.  Lending France security some credit here, they are amongst the most highly trained in the world, whereat it would be extremely difficult for a terrorist to easily enter the country, plan an attack, then carry it out.  Which leaves many questions as to how the attacker managed to get into France, select a target, and carry out a mass of destructive chaos the magnitude as large as it was for as long as he did.  The follow-up questions are was it that enabled the attacker to get through protective shields against terror that were in place?

Leaving with a comment, a few weeks ago was an incident of terrorism in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which left 3 American students fatalities; 2 Americans were fatalities in the Nice, France incident; therefore, just because the incident of terrorism happened in a country outside the United States does not mean that it is solely their affair, if it affects Americans, it is our affair too.  5 Americans the victims of acts of terrorism, is more than enough to alone constitute a serious event of terrorism.


Roundup July 7th 2016 is Another Round of Bad News. Violence Continues to Push its way to Forefront.

July 8, 2016
Where should one start, violence in the U.S., violence in the Middle East?  Violence in altercations with police, or violence in the Midwest where females are being set on fire by other males after a social encounter?

It sounds like a sarcastic byline to get attention.

The painful truth is, it is the fact of the matter.

All over media webpages as we speak are uproar over a few African American males shot by police.

The suicide blast blaringly close to the Prophet's Masjid, in Arabic tongue Masjid Al Nabawi, in Saudi Arabia, a major holy site, that took place around the day before Eid in Ramadhan was just too much for many to emotionally accept.  The incident tipped all the scales in terms of putting a perspective on suicide blasts and attacks using terrorism that have been occurring in recent months.

There have been protests in other locations that deserve worldwide media attention; such as France over labor laws, the UK over Brexit, and teacher strikes that have been blamed to have a side effect that includes food shortage to the extent food has to be airdropped while death tolls stemming from the violence is between 5 to 10 persons in Mexico.

Before ending this roundup, we have to go back to the U.S., just a relatively short ride north, Thursday July 7th on, around, or before midnight, in Dallas, Texas, 3 officers killed, the result of clashes and protests over the subject of persons being shot especially recently by police.  Alarming, is that there are reports that officers were shot from 'elevated positions'.  Detroit comes to mind, in that regard, and in regard to destructive Detroit riots about 50 years ago.

The situation is unfortunately predictable, in that the cycle of protests that have been occurring in the U.S. in the last couple of years, have been over the subject of an African American male, usually somewhere between age 15 and 30, that was shot by police.  Recently, a male in Louisiana, reference Sterling, and reference Castile in Minnesota, are cases.  The police have been busy the last couple of years in at least one of 2 locations, especially in areas with higher concentrations of African Americans, namely Minneapolis.  It is not a situation of peace, peace, then suddenly and anomaly of a police confrontation; crime has been running rampant; the mess starts getting messy, it is what it is, no bias involved in bringing forward the facts.

Not leaving out, there have been police officers shot, such as in Houston, within the past couple of years.

The tug of war, back and forth debate over what side has a more rightful balance keeps presenting.

One line before ending this roundup for July 7th, 2016, which in regard to tug of wars between protestors and police over the use of force, might pass for July 1965, where on August 11 within weeks later was the Watts Riots, as well as other riots in other areas of the U.S. hitting a high point, which is the question has got to be asked, how far have we, the U.S., gone in moving ourselves upward from these kinds of tensions, how much progress made, give a point in history such as the Draft Riots in New York in the Civil War era, or since the abolishment of segregation in schools?   Not long ago was a case in Ferguson, Missouri, and the case in Baltimore, last name Gray the detainee, that had ramifications of civil unrest.  Tipping point might be the buzzword, then it might not be all alone or sole factor of unrest in some cases.

Also not leaving out recent senseless murders, where for instance, two siblings were shot evidently over a t-shirt.

There is no proactive effort to play into peoples' emotions, or hit emotional chords in writing the articles at HCN, the effort is to keep them as concise as possible; and even if there was, it is not clear whether some of the people that need to be urgently addressed have the slightest respect for for some of the axioms from hundreds of years that have been put in our pages; if they did, setting females on fire after leaving a bar would not be an occurrence that has recurred too frequently.  The closing statement for this roundup is, where are the protests, the herd of cameras, the national attention, thousands of protestors through the night, for the woman that was taken out into field by not one, but two young men as reported by major sources, in the wee hours of morning and dumped in an Indian Reservation area of Montana, exact order of events not in detail here, the victim has succumbed, had gasoline poured on her, then set on fire? 


The Bad News is Terrorism Continues

July 4, 2016
The video here was published July 2, 2016.
You can see how atrocious the situation of terrorism is in the world today, when on July 3rd, 2016, one day later, at least another 100 persons have become victims of violence and terrorism.

Watch on YouTube, click here: Tragic Moments. Timeline of Big Terrorist Attacks and Natural Disasters in Last 5 Weeks.

Brief list of events July 3rd, 2016:
Explosion in Central Park; New York.
Comment: A day before July 4th, no matter what the cause of the July 3rd incident, and given that terrorism has been running rampant the past few days, measures for safety all the way around during Independence Day mass gatherings is obviously prudent.

San Pedro Sula in the Honduras is being stated by some sources in Central America to be the current murder capital of the world

In Iraq, there was a set of violence that claimed a number of lives with varying report, some of them up to 140; there are still those that might be hospitalized and the toll rises.

It is estimated about 30 or more children die everyday in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in Borno State, in Nigeria, per Doctors Without Borders
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August 10th serious violent crime tracker Louisville, KY had high numbers of gun related violence recently, San Bernardino, CA and surrounding region saw some earthly criminal activities, trailer parks hitting the limelight in the Midwest, mysterious deaths of humans and livestock in Colorado
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