Thomas Fire near Santa Barbara in southern California and Legion Lake Wildfire in Custer State Park in southwest South Dakota are the big two major wildfires, threatening to life and at high priority levels, going on right now, Thursday night 9:30pm EST

Further reading:

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Top Stories for Saturday Morning December 16th 2017

December 16, 2017
U.S. news, 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act' on the cusp of reducing tax rates of 5 out of 7 tax brackets  

Southern California wildfire continues to threaten thousands of houses

Emerging from the UK-China Economic Financial Summit, or Dialogue, in Beijing between yesterday and today, is facilitating the imminent prospect of materializing to draw together Shanghai and London stock markets, developing road infrastructure, and mutual investing

Philippines: Tropical Storm Urduja viz Kai-Tak results in thousand evacuated; Samar, Leyte, and Tacloban City areas, especially  

Data breach from last year involving Uber might have exposed personal information of over 170,000 Filipinos, per recent story from the PhilStar dot com site

About a quarter of between 850 or so pages pages have been made available to the public, the larger share remaining unavailable, documents related to the bid for Sweden to join the UN Security Council, such classifying under scrutiny to extent making news headlines

Pyrotechnic scares in Sweden cities of Malmo and Goteborg give rise to concern about aggression towards Jews in the region

Barry Sherman the Canadian billionaire, and wife Honey, known for his part in developing of Apotex among other influences, found at their Toronto property post mortal as of yesterday, Friday, appear to have been victims of suspicious activity

In the Falesteen/Palestine/Israel region within the past day, protesters have been shot, including a wheelchair bound man


Developments Concerning the Middle East Present that Foreseeable Eventualities Include Unrest

December 7, 2017
Writing and publishing in stages begun December 7, 2017 5:40pm EST

The crux of what will be set forth is, over the next 4 or 5 months, perhaps culminating around the time of the upcoming Egyptian Presidential election this spring, if the subsequent reaction to the election results is peaceful, and barring no other major or cataclysmic development in Middle East, there is a recipe for a lot focus on the Middle East especially in terms of news stories covering events, and some aspects a recipe for a range of disasters of varying sizes here and there.

These are some of the current situations going on amidst the waning moments before major changes are set to take place in the Middle, perhaps answering the question why the Middle East will be keenly watched and unrest might be taking place intermittently: 

  • Libya having to contend with huge challenge of immigrants and even 'slavery' going on

  • Israeli citizens uncomfortable with Netanyahu, in regard to sentiments about perceived corruption.  
-Protests have been going on by Israeli citizens at the rate of about once a week; last week's protest showed about 20,000  

  • U.S. President Trump made statement about recognizing the Israeli Capital as Jerusalem in situ Tel Aviv 
-Reaction to this has already been seen in the Falesteen/Palestine/Israel land mass  
-Reactions here in the USA on policy debate floors
-Reactions by leaders of countries such as Egypt right through here and last few days
-Historically over about the past 100 years, the concept of 'recognition' as it relates to the region has been a sensitive fulcrum

  • Reiterating impending Egypt Presidential election
-Preceding past installments of Egypt leadership, has been unrest, such as Morsi supporters in clashes, mass youth unrest
-300 estimated were victims of a recent blast within the past few weeks in a masjid known for 'Sufi' attendees, as put in English language news stories
-Altogether about 70 Egyptian police officers have been the victim of assaults in recent months
-Egypt is geographically set neighboring some regions of Falesteen/Palestine/Israel land mass, and historically has had impact on geopolitics of referent land spectrum

  • Contestation involving Saudi Arabia and Yemen keep heating up

  • Somalia-- catastrophic event after event on average every few months take place, especially Mogadishu.  Heading south of the Middle East, but still abutting in there, or in there, depending on what the view of the day is on what the 'Middle East' is

  • Iraq still is not a walk in the park, referent framework war, in terms of being able to literally walk anywhere there and can feel 100% that there is no possibility of any kind of activity involving unrest

  • Of course the mounted contentions between ISIS and those fighting terrorism

  • Lebanon-- the Hariri resignation announcement last month perhaps amplified anxieties about the future and ramifications if and when such a resignation were to occur, in consideration, slated elections May of next year; thereunto, is subsequent reportedly withdrawal/rescinding of the resignation about a month later.  From crest to trough of what could be looked at as a diagram of a wave, now past, now that the anxieties have been brought out into press limelight, there is to possibly alternating degrees, are or have been, concerns about internal conditions of Lebanon, impacts on Lebanon stemming from what may be external, for instance pertinent immigration matters, and impacts that Lebanon has on external entities and matters, all amidst interactions between nomenclatures, citing some, Houthi, Hezbollah, Shia, Sunni, ruling parties, Saudi, Iran, and Yemen. 
-The circus of conflicting information generated through the press in English speaking sources, given their level influence nevertheless, can be dangerous to the international community, when they refer to pivotal dimensions, or said to be so, having to do with  Lebanon

Transitioning into the topic of criticism on the topic of economic support, 

  • As always, the role of Saudi as home of the Hajj and leadership holds title Custodian of Holy Sites referring to the two sites in Saudi; remembering within recent months a suspect made their way into the front doors of the Royal Compound; any encroachments that look like they are threatening to Saudi leadership, can be taken as threatening to the Holy Sites, which in turn, the entire Muslim World is in the ripple effect

Here are a few questions to plausibly consider:
  • Depending on the political condition, who is going to authorize suppression of protests if and when they get very large?
-Is the U.N. going to be called in?
-Candidly, some leadership folks in the Middle East probably do not want the U.N. in their affairs around now, due to the allegations against the U.N. of corrupt activities such as assaults on females by peace troops, and their contesting of punishment against what the Islam belief in Arabic calls fasad, activities which are haram, forbidden, in short homosexuality
-Would intervention forces be called upon in a case of extreme protesting, such as Western Hemisphere or European countries with highly capable military forces?
-And if the situation gets severe enough for all of that to happen, how long is it going to take to intervene?
  • What happens when immigrants in Libya spill over into other countries, what will be the policy on how to handle them when leadership changes are concurrently taking place?; the situation could conceivably be kept under control, but at this time, leaving room for possibilities outside of the box that could evolve, -could be rational

News Roundup for First Weekend of December 2017 Show Protests Around the World and Recurring Crimes Against the Vulnerable that Progress Must Be Made Immediately to Pull Up and Out From

December 4, 2017
Written and published near 7pm EST December 3, 2017

HCN wrote a note on our Google Plus page today, that the situation of yet another female that has had the fortune of becoming an adult, or even a teenager, has been taken away from her, the manner, without going into detail, her body was found in a creek, WILL be discussed briefly here, our main website, front page.

There are a number of incidents hat immediately come to mind, without even having to dig through archived newspapers spanning the last 50 years:
  • Chandra Levy, body found in Rock Creek Park in the Washington DC locale, about May 2001.
  • Just this past June, 2017 remains that appeared to be Nabra Hassanen after what apparently was an early morning assault while with a group of others, were found in a pond in Reston, Virginia near the ADAMS Center, all of which is about a 30 minute drive using the Dulles Access Route and local highways from Rock Creek Park and DC.
  • These are not even counting numerous other assaults, kidnappings, child and teenage trafficking cases that many folks today might not ever know about, during times before there was social media and Internet to make the stories popularly known to regions outside where they occurred.
Turning to the story of the young lady that was located in a reek after something was amiss, looked at, at this moment is the case of a 3 year old in North Carolina.  Referent report has it dive teams successfully found the body in Onslow County yesterday mid-afternoon, early evening time range EST.

Can these crimes be progressed beyond?  -Making a request.


Not only is roughly two thousand and seventeen almost eighteen years after Isa/Esa/Jesus was regularly known as among earth's inhabitants, but thousands of years before that where all different kinds of crimes against individuals and humanity, emerged and dispelled, obsolete after a while, in consideration of the breadth of earth from the USA, to the North and South Poles, and all the way to the farthest stretches of Asia, of course regions where Bible, Injeel, Zabur, Torah, and Quran discussed families and lineages, well known characters here in the USA.

Here we are in America with high speed phones, computers, cars, and advanced dwellings, and the same crimes that were going on years ago, a simplistic assault then attempt to hide in a creek, pond, shallow grave, or makeshift artifice of the sort, is still going on.

Honestly, there is a deep hesitation to bring up the type of crimes that used to be done thousands of years ago, because there is a want for them not to get into the minds of predators, as they might just do them, based on numerous assault cases and associated behaviors and criminal mindsets, in the USA in just the past ten years.

On that note, this past week, HCN Google Plus page has had posts of either hundreds of trafficking victims being rescued, or dozens of trafficking perpetrators being given justice.  Worldwide situation; Interpol involved in rescuing so many kids it makes us wonder what is going on in a world we think of as mostly humane and civilized; over 70 people arrested in New Jersey.


Reiterating, progress has got to be made up and out of the dismal zone of those kinds of numbers.

Teachers and school authorities assaulting, abusing, and exploiting children

An epidemic that should not be;- newspaper readers cannot go more than a few days without seeing a story about some teacher, male or female, that did something he or she was not supposed to be doing while in positions of authority and trust, along these theme lines.


The cited article is also in the DC region.  It is not the first case in recent years of situations almost duplicating the incident.

Other DC area stories:

In the Middle East especially many tears ago, 27 year old male and 16 year old female holding a lawful marriage might not have been up for a criminal complaint unless a protuberant mismatch involving wrongdoing, however, this story has made the news in recent months:

Montgomery County/ Silver Spring MD area, one of the wealthiest most affluent regions in the country; people fight tooth and nail to get their kids into nice schools in that county, close to Washington, near sought after job positions where the seat of government is, and, the region proves not immune to abuse going on using schools as the stage to carry them out.

The humiliating and embarrassing aspect of these stories, (perhaps) in terms of the DC area community, is that these above two incidents are news stories published in just the past few months.

The buck-wild behavior of teachers knowingly and willfully manipulating younger and often thusly more vulnerable students with acts like sending inappropriate images through social media, inviting students into the teacher's house then carrying out wrongdoing, locations of the crimes and incidents in many different places in the continental USA, have been taking place at frequencies that are too much for the tabloids to cover.

Using Vehicles to Plow into Crowds

Another area of those more vulnerable than their attackers, is a recurrent situation of people using their cars to plow into crowds.

Early this morning about 4:30, in Brooklyn New York.

One of the most salient incidents was in Charlottesville, Virginia this past August.

Females Committing Suicides after Social Media Post

It has been happening at an alarming rate, females taking their own lives after feeling humiliated after a social media post. 
Twenty five or thirty years ago the phenomenon we are dealing with now was not nearly as much a concern, as the extent of social media was not present like it is today to be humiliated on.  Now that the social media- humiliation-suicide sequence is problematic, it needs a solution; delaying solutions until definitively figuring out the pathology of the individuals that committed the suicide is not the way to go, as their may never be a single common denominator pathology.

A female age ten, took her own life, after what may have been a bullying incident.  This in a sequence of events where it seems the situation is becoming where the victim is younger every time.



Insofar protests, they are what they are, no need to go into detail.  Here are a few stories posted today on our Google Plus page:

Stories and links from the Web in recent hours:

Tel Aviv yesterday Saturday evening, about 20,000 protesters marched in the cause of their view about corruption and investigation methodology thereunto regarding current Israeli PM viz holder of major seat of government

Earlier this week:

Within recent weeks:

Protests surrounding Mugabe change of power in November 2017 in Zimbabwe


Many of America's Recent Woes Root Origins Not From America

October 6, 2017
It is high time that what just might be the obvious is brought to the forefront, brought to light, if it it worth light in the dignified sense.

Ordinarily, loosely constructed theories that cannot be validated are held off from being presented in newspaper forums or reported to government authorities, unless and until there is a strong proof; some are written anyway, and often are placed in opinion, op-ed, or commentary sections.

At this time, the sense of what was going in America in recent months that plagued headlines and absorbed the front pages of newspapers, was clearly out of sinc with natural developments in America, given there is more than adequate substantiation and sources to go forward, let us go forward with a few of the easily noticeable issues.

There are indications that the 'Antifa Movement', is nothing new, but a movement going on 90 or 100 years old, coming from Europe, saliently, fingers point to Germany, per Capital Research Center and Cohesion Films.  Indications exist that they had a relationship with the Communist Party of Germany back in the 1920s era, [you guessed it, the years that preceded the Nazi era, in the time range where extreme violence was attributed to them].

Not honoring the National Anthem at major sporting events is what the enemies of United States want to see happen, as point of information; at the same time, the chain of events that led up to athletes at the top of sporting fields to engage in those actions has to have the 'etiologies', the root causes of what led up to unfair treatment violence looked at carefully; there might be other aspects amiss than just violence and biased apprehensions.

Anytime large shooting sprees and incidents that leave numerous casualties occur, the natural first response, (blind-folding the knowledge of who committed the act,) is there is either an act of war being perpetrated on American citizens, or and infiltration has occurred and an act of war has occurred performed by the infiltrating enemy.  Thereunto, let us look at closely what has been happening in some of our major cities, where day in, day out, stretched out over months, then years, numerous citizens, some of the victims not always economically advantaged, wind up in their graves for the slightest reason, sometimes no reason at all.  The perpetrator that pulled the trigger might not always be the ab ovo, the very root of violence.

Consider these questions:
  • What happened on September 13th and 14th at Fort McHenry in 1814?
  • What are the top 10 most violent cities in America as of September 2017?
  • Whether the outside intruder factor applies or not to all of these, what were the most violent shooting sprees in the past 5 years on U.S. soil?
  • Sandy Hook 2012
  • San Bernardino 12/2015
  • Las Vegas 10/1/17


Economic Strategy Speech Provided by Trump Has Favorable Dimensions

September 27, 2017
Presidential speech today in Indiana was uplifting.

There were fresh ideas set forth, and consistently logical chain of substantive presentment substantiating that the plans will work.

Nearly flawless if not flawless verbal presentation.

Warnings for Hurricane Maria

September 19, 2017

Hurricane Maria is coming, hard.  Maybe not as hard as Harvey and Irma earlier this month, but hard enough to take wise precautions.

Category 4 as it stands now, one tier down from severest on the scale.

Posted September 18, 2017 8:30pm EST

Will update as appropriate/ information becomes available


Signs May Be Present to Immediately Leave the Florida Keys and Stay Out of the Way of the Irma Storm Waters

September 12, 2017
Waves in the Irma storm waters that are flooding the streets of the Florida Keys look vicious, as though they are seeking to destroy.  That is a sign that if you are in the Florida Keys as we speak, citizens, tourists, vacationers, visitors, the smartest action to take is leave as soon as possible without any further delay.

(Emergency personnel not mentioned as they know their job function.)

From a science perspective, the density, speed, force and momentum of the waves, and them being repeated, are bound to cause destruction to infrastructure that could lead to further dangers, such as electric power structures.

It may spell out evacuation.  It may spell out an emergency mass evacuation.

Summary of advisable action

Evacuate upon orders or sooner as appropriate.  Stay out of the way of the waters surging.  There may be unfamiliar creatures of different sorts that have displaced and could emerge or be in the waters, be careful of these possibilities, it is not advisable to stand idle in the water if not necessary.

Movement of the storm

Before any further, restricting storm damage to what is just from the storm Irma per se might be an injustice.  Through here, as in the past several days, and the next several days, storm conditions might be present with or without Irma, from another storm system, or a combination.  It all does not really matter at this point.  The key now is to stay out of harm's way.

For now Irma appears to be moving in the weather conditions manifestation in a curve-ball pattern northeastern heading inland, it looks like a right hook punch moving through.  (The bird's eye view of the whole storm system moving in a curve-ball in the northwestern direction at the 10:30 direction (using a clock-face system), is applicable where applicable, not applicable where not applicable.)  The storm is moving from the waters off the coast of Florida, ramming through the Florida Keys, then moving on to Florida, and may generally be moving further inland, such as Georgia, and Tennessee, and/or moving north slightly toward the Carolinas.

Locations Explained

The Florida Keys are a string of islands south of the southern tip of the main land portion of Florida, otherwise described as south of Miami and looks like a long feather dangling below with the quill analogous the major highway that runs through the islands.  Islamorada and Key Largo to Key West.

The Carolinas have eastern shorelines, which could see repercussions of the storm system.

Regions north of the Carolinas, such as Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland, stand the possibility that they could see some of the storms impact in the form of heavy rains and winds harsher than average in the upcoming days.

Moving inland from Florida means, the storm Irma and the storm conditions generally are on their way further into Florida, into Georgia, into Tennessee and Alabama, at least.

Written and published 10:50pm EST

Post Hurricane Harvey Getting Ready for Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Katia High Priority

September 7, 2017
It is September 7th 2017, talk has been around for a few days now about Hurricane Irma being powerful and imminent.  A key in staying ahead of storms of that kind of magnitude is time; waiting until the last minute to try to come up with an effective plan that involves numerous square miles and millions of people is not a prudent strategy.

What those of us in the United States need to know, and really have a strong grapple on, is to realize these storms could be coming and not to blow them off, or wait until they are within visibility of their house or an authority is standing outside on a loudspeaker instructing an immediate evacuation.

The storms are Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Katia.

These storms move around and change in different ways as they move along.  Winds of 150mph might not be felt yet, but that does not mean they might not get here, with a bunch more elements such as heavy rain, flooding, generally a force of destruction to infrastructure that only a few know exactly what to expect, measure until it hits.

Stay safe.


Debt Ceiling and DACA in the Forefront on Capitol Hill

September 7, 2017
In summary:
Debt ceiling raised, deal worked out with Republican headed White House and Democrats, a deal referred to as 'Pelosi-Schumer-Trump'

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA, if it were the sun has about set behind the mountains, a sunset performed on it; words here left at that


إخلاء أي وجميع المناطق المحتملة المتضررة من العاصفة هارفي لديه الحكمة

September 1, 2017

نشرت بين ليلة 31 أغسطس 2017 و 1 سبتمبر 2017

إخلاء المناطق التي قد تكون في طريق العاصفة يطلق عليها اسم هارفي هو الحكمة ل

نظام العاصفة من وجهة نظر العين الطائر هو في تكوين مخيف كبير وغير عادي جدا التي لديها عدد من الجوانب الدوامة لذلك. العاصفة تبدو وكأنها منشار دائري للطاقة، وبطرق ما هو بالضبط ما تقوم به، ونشر من خلال كل شيء تقريبا في طريقها، وأكثر من ذلك. هناك ثغرات معينة من مركز الزلزال خارجا إلى أشعة الشمس كذلك في نمط العاصفة، التي يبدو أنها كانت إلى حد كبير نفس التشكيل منذ لحظات قبل أن تصل إلى ساحل تكساس. مع الثغرات جنبا إلى جنب مع نوعية دوامة العاصفة، وسوف تكون هناك بعض الأماكن ضرب أصعب من غيرها، لذلك قد يبدو أن هناك عواصف مختلفة تزرع في أماكن مختلفة.
وبدون تفشي كل التفاصيل عن كيفية عمل العواصف، عموما ما يمكن توقعه في ظرف من هذا القبيل، هو أنه سيكون هناك تخمين تقريبا على أساس عواصف أخرى في الماضي القريب كانت لها أوجه تشابه، أو نحو اثني عشر عاصفة قوية جدا داخل والعواصف، والتي يمكن أن تتخذ شكل الأعاصير أو هطول أمطار غزيرة للغاية، مع توقيت متقطعة بينهما، وتسقط في مواقع مختلفة، عموما نمط العواصف في ولاية تكساس، منطقة لويزيانا تبحث "متقطعا".

ومن الأبعاد الهامة الأخرى لماذا من الحكمة البقاء بعيدا عن الاحتمالات، أن قوة العواصف التي تنخفض، يمكن أن تكون مدمرة لجميع أنواع خطوط الكهرباء وخطوط الغاز والمواقع التي توجد فيها مواد قابلة للاحتراق، حقل نفط و مرافق. حتى لو كان منزلك أو مكتبك أو ملجأ السلامة، ليس في طريق العاصفة، يمكن أن يحدث بشكل كبير الهواء المسكر والماء والموارد الأخرى، يمكن أن تحدث حرائق من أنواع، وتدفق الكهرباء من خلال المياه والطرق معطوبة جدا للاستخدام، والغذاء والوصول إلى قطع، وخطوط الكهرباء إلى الهواتف المحمولة خارج، والعديد من الأخطار الأخرى التي يمكن أن تجعل من الصعب للغاية لشخص ما ليكون موجودا أو معروفة للطواقم الطوارئ هم هناك على الإطلاق، لا يمكن إنقاذه أبدا.

توصيتنا، بتواضع، هو إذا كنت تستطيع الخروج من المنطقة، واتخاذ الطوارئ والأمتعة الضرورية، والانتقال إلى أرض مرتفعة في أقرب وقت ممكن.

- يشير إلى أنه قد تكون هناك كارثة تشارك في هذه المسألة برمتها. المهنيين البيئيين ذوي الخبرة في جميع أنحاء العالم يعرفون، وقد تم إعطاء تحذيرات، وقد قدم الأساس العلمي من سلسلة من الأحداث التي تطورت في غضون هذه العاصفة فقط خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية، فمن الأفضل أن تقف بعيدا عن المخاطر وتكون آمنة .

ملاحظة: المناطق الآمنة في هذه اللحظة تبدو تلك التي تقع شمال كنساس، إلينوي الوسطى، ولاية أيوا الجنوبية، كأقرب المواقع الآمنة إلى المناطق المتضررة من مياه العواصف الحالية وتراكم المياه التي يمكن أن تقع في المستقبل القريب.
Headline roundups.  Some commentary might be added.
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Links and Summaries of major stories on other pages in this website and HCN Google+ Page:

Un gran terremoto causa enormes cantidades de daños en el área de la Ciudad de México... Medido en una magnitud de alrededor de 7.1

Middle East 'Back' in the Limelight on World Stage as a Focus Where there is Mass Unrest
An article written 9/14/2017 in summary roundup format of major tensions currently in the region.

Our Google Plus site has posted a few articles referring to Rohingya; at this time, scholars and society analysts here in the U.S., in Myanmar, in Bangladesh, certainly have made assessments; however, over the next week, a watchful eye is on the developing situation regarding Rohingya, flooding into Bangladesh a predominantly Muslim in demographic statistics country, Muslim Rohingya being target of persecution central to the Rohingya issues
Posted just after midnight EST September 7, 2017

Be ready for heat waves and heavy rains at the same time, light possibilities, just in case, for DC area. A tropical storm might be headed too Hawaii soon.
posted July 24th, 2016

'Where large amounts of gun homicides are, are some of the cities where the African American population there is thick', 'violence over trite matter, where Hispanics and Latinos live', 'unspeakable violence where Natives live'... stereotypes that do not -belong- and should not be in America; referent cities where violence is a regular occurrence is undergoing a plight that puts it in its own isolated world, they are not in separate isolated worlds, where one hand does not know what the other hand is doing, it all needs change
posted July 24th, 2016

Heatwave in the USA to be taken seriously, Chicago south to Texas, and Southwestern region especially Arizona getting hit by the brunt of extreme heat as of today July 22, 2016; other regions not necessarily in the wave should not to take that for granted
posted July 22nd 2016

Paris, France labor union demonstrating and clashing with police becoming alarming and violent; developments today June 14, 2016
   'Missiles being hurled'..., tell-tale signs the situation has escalated past uncomfortable limits

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