ISIS Will Never be Welcome to the Muslim World After Claim of Suicide Bombing Attack on the Qebir and Ard Kard Yadakar Tomb and Mausoleum of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

February 17, 2017
Referent events occurring Thursday

A suicide bomber is blamed on an attack that claimed the lives of about 70 according to some sources and about 100 per local well reputed sources.  The numbers injured are between 150 and 190.

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, as he is known by many, has tomb, or transliterated from popular languages in the region qbir, and its surrounding mausoleum, in Sehwan, Sindh Province, in Pakistan.  The tomb has been extant, set, for about 500 years.

Now see, ISIS over the past several years has attacked numerous worshippers whom not all are not known to be engaging in the same systems of prayer insofar details which do not affect the unity of them all being believers in the Creator; that is the clear sign that they are an enemy of those peace loving.

Earthquake in New Zealand Devastating Beyond What a Number Can Describe. Global Roundup for November 16 16.

November 17, 2016
The 7.8 Richter Scale earthquake that hit the region of New Zealand where Kaikoura was epicenter in the past few days is roughly about 30% stronger than the severe earthquake that hit central Italy a few months ago.  Thousands need assist.  Nations like the U.S have come to aid.

Global roundup/ further reading, these are some of the stories:

1- Reaction to U.S. President Obama arrival in Athens, Greece exhibited by ranks of the youth unleashed a wave of tumultuous energy, perhaps to manifest their discomfort of what they perceive as certain issues

2- 'Strange' metal object lands in Myanmar

3- India's Modi visiting Central Asian countries

4- As he was moved to make a statement, 'former Swedish foreign minister and prime minister Carl Bildt has called Donald Trump's election 'the end of the West as we know it'.

5- Migrant crisis with respect to Brussels

The 45th Presidential Election Result

November 10, 2016
November 9th, 2016

The Tuesday of major voting this November 2016 has it Mister Donald Trump the elected President of the United States.


Headed Toward Climax Simultaneously are U.S. Presidential Decision and Brexit :What Impact Will Brexit Have on U.S. Economy in Combination with Election Results and Post Election? It Might Still be Unknown

November 4, 2016
Ordinarily, since the U.S. had the Declaration of Independence signed, affairs of U.S. government are in one pool, and affairs of Britain in another.  Albeit, this is one world, that goes round, different creatures from different places share in how the world spins and each doings can impact another's.

In consideration of major events that have happened in the timeline of geopolitical events since 1900, for instance East and West Germany, breakup and reunification, World War One, War Two, Japan at one time foe, now a close ally of the U.S. in many ways, both of whom very wealthy economic giants, emergence of economic powers recognized more as developed nations than just 50 years ago, such as India and Saudi Arabia-- well let us start looking at something the bell tolls that some us might be wondering, what kinds of developments is the U.S. going to undergo after this upcoming election, rapidly approaching?  And what impact will Brexit have on the U.S. in the segments from today, Election Day, after Inauguration Day, and the next 4 years?  A big question is, with all of the possibilities coiled up together, what is the picture of the U.S. and the rest of the earth going to look like.

It will be said, there is a difference between interfering with destiny to the point of being out of line with 'heavenly powers', and letting fool-hardiness keep rolling downhill, or escalate, negatives rolling uphill, however you want to look at it, the bottom line is, somebody or some group, or better yet a whole mass and mass of people might lose big, if clean constructive order is not maintained that precludes economic slop that spells out ineffective economic efficiency.

We still do not have all the possibilities on the table yet, as now the whole Brexit move as of today, has to contend with 'prerogative', perhaps in its literal meaning, of the English Crown, Parliament is getting involved with the move.  Why there is a sense that some might be happy with Brexit, --just the mood that some English online papers bring it across-- is another matter, all the ramifications of what happens when the austere rocks and 'dogs', such as of finance in Europe, in a positive way try to make sure every move of everyone over in Europe is right, or done in certain way, the future is yet to be seen what the play out is on many levels whether Brexit happens or does not happen, and possibly -possibly- whether similar behaviors will exist all around pretty much remaining the same whether the EU or Brexit has never existed.

Written November 3rd 2016 E.S.T.

Differences Between the First and Second 2016 Presidential Debates

October 11, 2016
Among the differences in the debate, this goround, both Trump and Mrs. Clinton seemed to show a tone with sobriety consistently throughout compared.  Sobriety referenced is toward Holy Books nuance, very old word and root, meaning for summary sake, keeping oneself under control at deeper levels.

With respect to time, a portion of the debate went to discussing personal attitudes with regard to opposite gender roles, which was not either of the Nominees fault in terms of selection of the questions.  It might just be a trend of the times that television and media seem to focus more on topics such as that, which leaves the question, was too much a percentage of the debate revolving around the subject of what kinds of things were said off the record, perhaps put on the record, but intended to be off the record?

For those of us that read on a lateral level whereat inevitable gleanings of information about the character of people, such as about what could be perceived as private lives of moderators, present themselves, there might be some irony that one of the moderators has seemed to have made it a trademark since the Presidential debate almost a year ago, of interrupting the speakers in an irksome manner.  Does such a person exist, and did that occur?  There is a line between rudeness and being assertive to moderate a program.  Which side of the line?-, will not be spoken about here, instead, let the readers of this write-up decide.

Overall, there was a respectable amount of substantive educated content in the debate, which is a definite plus.

On the subject of the Middle East and Syria:
  • The likelihood is very strong, that there are terrorists out there, that bounce around geographically their poles of central activities, moving from one Middle East town to the next.
  • There could be terrorist groups lurking within other terrorist groups that we, the U.S. do not know the names of yet, with respect to popular read knowledge in news media.
  • A messy situation exists currently, where the U.S. has found ISIS/ISIL/IS an enemy, whereat essentially, ISIS etc, is an en segue, in sequence, terror group to Al Qaeda; even if Al Qaeda gets completely destroyed, then ISIS gets completely destroyed, the most knowledgeable of Islam scholars will tell you, and the U.S. will agree that, there will probably be an an effort by some terrorist group or some terrorist mind to attempt to develop yet another terrorist group, and of course try to hide behind sincere peace loving Muslim populace.  Similar concept with individual terrorists, one terrorist is removed, then another even sneakier tries to take the previous place; one geographic region gets resolved, then a similar problem springs up elsewhere, it could be simply the nature of the world.
    • Aleppo, Baghdad, Mosul, you name the place, the place will have a certain time in the history books in chapters about insurgents and fighting various wars, then new chapters will begin, in some circumstances on the superficiality.  The bigger picture, stepping back from the trees to see the forest is an idea here.
  • With all the messiness of terror cells and groups exchanging rings around a circus, extreme caution as standard agreeable by any military scientist or strategist, has to be taken on simply arming anyone in the Middle East. 

The U.S. cannot be the victim of when one button pops-up and gets hammered down, another button pops-up and you have to race against time to hammer it down before you run out of time, the evil game, when the buttons that are popping up might be painted a different color, or have different names, but they are all coming from the same guy.

Briefly without detail or illustration--

When Afghani Mujahideen got arm help for their mission of independence, were there or were there not some slimy characters that took the weapons and later evolved into terrorist cells such as Al Qaeda?

How many different Kurdish groups, referring to military fighting groups, have evolved over the past 50 years?  Can the average American citizen name all of them off the top of his or head in under 60 seconds?  If they can accomplish that, can they give a brief description of how each splinter group, or outgrowth ramified from the other groups and how they interrelate?  It is a tough task.

The concept of being dragged into wars by shadowy powers in the Eastern Hemisphere, the result of crafty gambits, has dogged and strained America's military for perhaps up to a century.

Crafty gambits on the part of enemies of America and terrorists could include sacrificing their own lives, their own people, their own soldiers, in the effort to lure American troops into fights, then the unethical doings of the traitors that turn and murder American soldiers, the head-hunters for money, the 'businessmen' that want to melt down military vehicles and sell the metal for money, and much more.

Trying to explain to millions of Americans all and every detail of every unethical gambit that every terrorist has done to try to hurt America is tough to do in just an hour.

The U.S. has to be rightly guided, as any nation, as much as possible.


Hurricane Matthew a Serious Threat and Did Major Damage in Islands South of Florida

October 8, 2016
Authored October 7th 4pm to 8pm EST 2016

The hurricane named Matthew in progress right now has undisputed destructive levels and is making its way from south to north.  As of 4pm E.S.T., (four in the evening the time eastern standard time) the Hurricane Matthew is upon Florida especially the coast.  From south to north means Georgia and South Carolina could be regions that undergo affects very soon in the upcoming timeline.  The hurricane active for the past several days has already done damage in the islands south of Florida such as Haiti and the Caribbean.  The fatality number is already nearing 300 (three hundred).  It is advised again, do not wait until the last second to prepare for the possibilities.  Help might be needed from those that have the capacity from areas further off from the path of the storm.

As of 8pm EST, there are several fatalities reported in Florida, mostly older persons, and millions are without electrical power.  Please follow emergency advisories.

Same Old Issues in Middle East Perpetuating Might be Resiliency in a Negative Way

September 30, 2016
What are some of the same old issues?

Let's look at Libya.  As of today September 29th 2016, there is a concern of citizens and foreigners being trapped amid violence in the Benghazi area and as a result they are cut off from food supply.  The scene is persons severely deficient in food intake remindful of Somalia hunger 35 years ago, hunger victims in Bosnia in the early 1990s.
Back in 2011, there were starvation victims in the northern area of Libya near Tunisia.
Generally fighting is fierce off and on in Sirte, recently, past few months. 
Feelings of intervention in conflicts on Libya soil by other nations with wealth sometimes seems to straddle the middleground of abandon them especially if there is nothing in it for us attitude, like sub-Saharan regions, and rush to keep oil related strongholds at maximum running par.  Those times when Libya has not gotten much intervention often spell out sullen woes for those less fortunate, the referent starvation, and squalid conditions.

In Iran, the questions of nuclear capability keep coming up, such as within the last month, just like it has it seems every few months for the last however many decades.

In Egypt, within the past 2 days at the lengthiest, a car bomb exploded in Cairo.  This is not the first time, and as those that keep up with news in Egypt over the past 20 years know, car bombs detonating in Cairo have appeared in news stories a proportional number of times that it is an occurrence known to surface in the region every so often.

In northern Africa, wherein are sub-groups engaging in political tension and ramifying turmoil, who to side with and when to intervene has been a tough decision in many cases for nations outside with the capacity to help.  At what point is it their business and allow them to solve their problems, then the sliding over to, too much has occurred and if intervention does not occur, then other nations [the scenario of how they could be perceived] have been lax in stepping up and being leaders with a sense of responsibility.

Similar questions come up with respect to Afghanistan; including when to Intervene where there are groups within in tensions with each other.  Recently there was another event involving use of violence that affected a set of Afghani troops of some classification, reference an attack in Kunduz about three days ago. 
Another area of concern is when U.S. troops or another nation do attempt to intervene, and perform a strike on an intended target, sometimes civilians not intended become victim; it is a painful situation to all parties involved, and the agonizing puzzle that needs to be solved as to how to successfully thwart terrorist cells and keep clear of innocent civilians at the same time.

In Iraq, U.S. troops have gotten involved with region on a popular level since he Iraq-Kuwait border dispute which seems like it is still a new era, an era of fighting amongst Arabs and in nations heavily populated by Muslim, on a war international in severity level,  now it has been over a quarter of a century.  Today, September 2016, the more recent rationale for sending troops to Iraq is to combat ISIS/ISIL/IS.  There keeps appearing a reason to be in Iraq, which naturally has those that want to take care of our, U.S. troops, ask voiced or not, are they somehow being baited by a intensely in-depth thought-out plan by a perpetrator of some sort lurking in the region of Iraq to bait and lure our soldiers?

This is not a historical outline of all the accounts of starvation in Libya, tensions in Egypt that turned deadly outside offices in Egypt, and so on, it is to daub at the totality of what looks like a cycle of recurring events.  This is what is meant by resiliency; the events keep coming back to an extent, at least some of them as of now.  Unfortunately, the events often result in the uglier side of humankind developments, the starvation from being boxed in for instance, which explains the word usage of resiliency a negative.


Mounting Discomfort of the U.S. with North Korea Reflective of a Disconcerting Atmosphere Even Through Eid

September 13, 2016
Taking a moment this Eid, a holiday known for its accompanying festivities that ordinarily to those that participate in its recognition there is a reprieve from laborious work tasks, as in everyday employment, to hint at a growing concern.  The concern is not necessarily in the Middle East, but to the west extremes and east of extremes of there.

No matter how much one studies about human and world political relations, there seems to be a phenomenon in the timeline of human history where interactions between parties of humans can get so broiled that the outcome includes events that are an awkward unideal, instead of a blissful continuum of a relative peace while just rhetoric is exchanged.

It can already be inferred why taking a moment to briefly discuss what might be disconcerting exchanges between the U.S. and North Korea is worth the while.

In summary, North Korea has been accused in the recent several years of not falling in line with the way most civilized countries administer justice especially loyalty breaches, and more recently escalations about nuclear capability.  Talk concurrently exists of the U.S. performing shows of force in nearby regions.  It appears that there has been back and forth shows of military might respective North Korea from a number of entities, recurring at an eye catching frequency.

In light of Eid being a day known globally as a day of peace, a day recognizing sacrifice referencing Ibrahim or known popularly spelled with an 'A' at the beginning perhaps intended to connote to certain letters, those that want peace, want peace. 

 The want for peace exists whether it be peace in an ancient land of Ur, or far to the east or west from there.


Big News Global Roundup August 29th 2016 Include Rescue Missions and Relief Efforts While Luxuries Taken for Granted is Construct for Many Popular Stories

August 30, 2016
Taking place this past week on through today, these are some events of note:

Someone rammed a gate to a forensics lab, and fire started

Violence and clashes erupt in Sirte, which has been a recurrent situation the past year or so
Migrants rescued off the coast, near northernmost northwest area

Prospect of about 10,000 Syrians to be let in to the U.S. soon, as a part of a relief effort

In Aden, blast results in over 4 dozen victims, 5 dozen injuries; whether situation messy or not messy, in the region there happens to be tensions, it is concurrently known, Houthi, Hadi, Popular Committees, ISIS/and other acronyms, are reported to have members that can be found in the area

Russia | Kyrgyzstan:
There was a fire that took place in a building or warehouse, about 3 days ago, north of Moscow, about a dozen migrants affected

Receiving humanitarian aid, due to earthquakes it has undergone in past few years

Evident, central eastern region has undergone suffering resultant of wave of seismic activities that started about 5 or 6 days ago

Tens of thousands of refugees trapped there, Chios one of the locations, perhaps the result of migration regulatory efforts in the broader region

A lightning strike killed over 300 reindeer, around the Hardangervidda region in the north
An illustration of how powerful lightning can be; reindeer a large, strong, and special being


2016 G20 Summit Starts in a Few Days

August 28, 2016
Around the end of this upcoming week, beginning of next week, depending on what you recognize as the start of the week, the G20 Summit is set to take place in Hangzhou, China.

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Reports that about 200 persons off the coast of Libya have been lost in their immigration efforts. Sadder, the world has not stopped by almost the least bit to reach out and help the situation, an ongoing situation of drownings and boats overturning in the region. Had 200 been lost in a major terror attack in a well known city in Europe or the U.S., it would be all over the front page of everyone's newspaper, but it, the drownings, is not. Why?

Important developments here in the U.S. will continue, and for now all the comments that could be siad by witnesses of the immigration situation in the waters between Italy and Africa, will be left for them to say, but not here.

posted November 3, 2016

posted August 7, 2016

Olympics in Rio 2016 rolls on thus far, not without a few misadventures though

Be ready for heat waves and heavy rains at the same time, light possibilities, just in case, for DC area. A tropical storm might be headed too Hawaii soon.
posted July 24th, 2016

'Where large amounts of gun homicides are, are some of the cities where the African American population there is thick', 'violence over trite matter, where Hispanics and Latinos live', 'unspeakable violence where Natives live'... stereotypes that do not -belong- and should not be in America; referent cities where violence is a regular occurrence is undergoing a plight that puts it in its own isolated world, they are not in separate isolated worlds, where one hand does not know what the other hand is doing, it all needs change
posted July 24th, 2016

Heatwave in the USA to be taken seriously, Chicago south to Texas, and Southwestern region especially Arizona getting hit by the brunt of extreme heat as of today July 22, 2016; other regions not necessarily in the wave should not to take that for granted
posted July 22nd 2016

Paris, France labor union demonstrating and clashing with police becoming alarming and violent; developments today June 14, 2016
   'Missiles being hurled'..., tell-tale signs the situation has escalated past uncomfortable limits

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