Are the Rohingya Muslims Suffering from 'Too Much' Oppression and on the Brink of Genocide?

June 5, 2016
When some of us read about the the statistics occurring upon Rohingya Muslim, or perhaps better put for sacrament reasons, Muslims that are of Rohingya, there are painful reminders that might start creeping up, of the genocide that occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina that escalated and escalated until it became a focus of world attention, referring to the events in 1990s.
Summarizing, because it has been about 20 years since some of these events in the Bosnia and surrounding region, are mass graves, places of worship destroyed, extremely cruel torture, bizarrely cruel acts to numerous innocent, women, and children, and unmentionable that we will not mention, as even those thoughts and mental imagery are better not being put into young minds.
In Burma and the Myanmar region, nomenclature has certain geo-political details, the Muslim of Rohingya, have been suffering oppression that moves toward a level that is just below the extremes that it is soaking media attention as international tragedy and genocide.
Let it be said, that is part of the 'game' of oppression.  It can be one of the 'tactics' of major evil-doers, allegorically, generally.  The major evil-doers, in terms of parables for easy understanding, can refer to 'Dajjal', an evil challenger of Prophet Isa who many call Jesus, can refer to the 'Devil' in terms of large orchestrated oppression, and getting at those that are enemies of those that are sincere, in sum, enemies of peace.

What are some of the statistics happening with respect to Rohingya?:
  • Mass jailing
  • Numerous arrests
  • Limitations on family expanse
  • Travel restrictions
  • Calamities while trying to flee persecution
  • Destruction of property and even death

Meanwhile, the illicit drug trade out of the Burma and surrounding region flourishes.

Are we going to wait until genocide emerges to the extent it puts shame upon the world before doing something?

Brussels a Witness to Tragedy as City Shocked with Violence

March 22, 2016
Brussels the site of a recent wave of attacks in urban areas; tell-tale signs exist of possible terror or terror-like attacks; chaotic aftermaths, shock, unprotected people victims near transportation sites.

It might well be said, in the hindsight of many are other events within recent years that the event in Brussels which has claimed at least 30 lives might have similarities and evokes memories of.

People running, report of timing of detonations about 8am local local time, multiple blasts

Sites of explosions known thus far
    Brussels International Airport
    Maelbeek Station

Correlations from Refugee Crisis and Immigration Discomforts Continue Globally

January 25, 2016
Refugees fleeing Syria even as of present are still facing challenges upon seeking re-settlement.  Countries whom such refugees have attempted to enter have placed limitations as to the number of entrants.

A well known tide amidst the refugee crisis is some yes, to an all out open door policy which may reflect principles of freedom, non-discrimination, and hospitality,  while some say to cautiously restrict entrants for security reasons.  Both causes in essence are correct in a vacuum, the balance of the two as well as with possibly other measures, such as background checks, rests in the particular circumstance of each prospective place of entry.

Chancellor Merkel of Germany may be facing pressure criticizing her of immigration policy directives, the circumstances surrounding appearing to snowball in magnitude. 

In other locations besides necessarily Syrian refugees, there is talk in Pakistan of limiting immigrants from Afghanistan.


Blasts in Turkey, in Istanbul 2 Days Ago, in Diyarbakir, in Jakarta, Indonesia a Few Hours Ago

January 14, 2016
2 days ago a blast claimed the lives of about 10  people in Istanbul.

In the immediate area of a police headquarters in Diyarbakir in in southeastern Turkey , another 6 lives have been claimed, over 35 injured, after a car bomb was detonated, a few hours ago.

According to news reports, those that are focus of responsible for carrying out the attacks might be 2 separate entities.
As a matter of world peace, looking at the trend of life-taking detonations in the past 3 days, there is a serious concern, pertinent to the matter of violent explosions altogether.

In recent hours, also, a deadly blast took place in Jakarta, Indonesia.  News photos and stories are stating 6 persons are the fatality number.  Thus far reports show there were 14, or about that number, of militants involved.

Important News Roundup on October 5th 2015 Include Massive Mudslide, Arson, Inordinate Shootings and Child Abuse

October 6, 2015
In the past few weeks up to this moment:

Breaking news and still developing: Mudslide in Guatemala, especially in the region of Cambray.

It might be that mud slides is a folk tale for a 'punishment' for those that have sinned, somewhat remindful of the 'Great Flood', when told as a recompense for sinning.  On that note however, there are news stories circulating of problematic aspects of a society in Guatemala that popular news stories present might exist, that involves victimization of young adult females.  It does not necessarily mean that victims of a mudslide should simply be abandoned, as saving a life is honorable.
What the age threshold is for 'too young to be appropriate' as a new mother might vary from society to society, however, rape is not tolerable in any place upon any age.  Societal conditions in Guatemala show arrests in recent years of 'victimizers' that assaulted in out-there-in-the-jungle with no rules of civilization manner, while victims might suffer from medical conditions such as pre-eclampsia amidst economic hardship.

The Umpqua Community College gunman rage incident, undertones aside, come at a time where school violence is unusually rife, nationwide level

Last week, arson was rife, at a nationwide level, and even got to the extent arson has been perceived to have possibly been used as a threatening tool against law enforcement

Hurricane Joaquin seems to be having a disastrous toll, unless there is a last ditch effort, if there is a possibility of rescue.  As of the evening of October 6th E.S.T., no survivors of the El Faro cargo ship have been found thus far.  Parts and fragments of the ship have been found though.  There were 33 reported be on board.
The Joaquin storm system left flooding in South Carolina, then hit the Bahamas hard.
The storm system might dissipate to some degree, or wane then pick back up, whether a new storm system or re-energized might head eastward over the Atlantic; will it hit land again, awaits to be more accurately predicted.

It seems a serial bomber did damage in China recently.  In Liuzhou, a city in southern area of China , about 17 parcel bombs were a totality of events making a bigger event, taking place somewhere between the last few days of September and first few days of October; evidently, a suspect of the bombings has died on one of the scenes.  There were others that were arrested as suspects prior to, what has become of them, such as whether they have been exonerated or not, has not been gone into here.  The crafty detonating devices may have been put in some kind of milk containers, and they arrived in a number of different places, altogether claiming the lives of about ten persons or more, and injuring over dozen.  At least some of the blasts were strong enough to collapse midsize buildings.
[This entry was assisted by:]
    Liuzhou is in the Guangxi region, toward the southernmost dip of China toward the South China Sea.

In the southernmost beach area of Louisiana, strange perverse criminal behavior has been taking place, unspeakable; abusing toddler age children in numbers disgraceful

This is a quick overview, a few additional details have been added on October 6th 2015 U.S. E.S.T., original story written and published October 5th E.S.T., the 6th on Greenwich. The content is valid, and deserves immediate response.

School Violence and Threats using Social Media Sites Off the Charts at the Halfway Point in September 2015

September 14, 2015
Finishing up the first two weeks of September, and in the wake of educator being shot in Mississippi this morning, nationwide, it is clear that the amount of school violence and threats of violence made on social media websites is absurd, a serious problem.
Here is a brief rundown of what has happened the past few weeks:
Professor Dead After Shooting at College in Mississippi
JACKSON, Miss. — Sep 14, 2015, 2:31 PM ET
"A professor was killed in his office at Delta State University in Mississippi, an official said Monday, and the campus remained on lockdown with the shooter still believed to be on the loose."


Northglenn teen might have stopped school shooting before it happened
Posted 11:07 pm, September 2, 2015, by Web Staff, Updated at 07:32am, September 3, 2015

"NORTHGLENN, Colo. -- An alert teenager in Northglenn might have helped stop a school shooting before it happened 800 miles away in Phoenix."


BREAKING: Yik Yak School Shooting Threat
 Patrick Martin, News Editor
September 8, 2015

"Florida Atlantic police have identified the anonymous user who is accused of making a threat using the popular social media site Yik Yak. The person is in custody, according to an @FAUPD tweet."


Sophomore arrested after school shooting threats made on Instagram, police say
 Tuesday, September 01, 2015
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) --
"Fresno Police say the 15-year-old suspect, who allegedly made school shooting threats on Instagram, is in custody."


3 suspects in custody after teen fatally shot in Sterling
STERLING, Va. (WUSA9) -- Three people are in custody in connection with the shooting death of a Sterling, Va. teen who was killed in a residential area on Friday, according to officials.

Detectives said a 17-year old, Henry Dominguez- Vasquez, 20, and Juan Aguirre-Zelaya,18, of Sterling were taken into custody by police.

The following incident might not have been on school grounds, but news stories mention the school:
Danny Centeno-Miranda, 17, a Park View High School student, was shot at least two times and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he later died. The shooting occurred about 8:30 a.m. Friday outside townhouses, which are east of Sterling Boulevard on E. Cornell Avenue.

[Due to the nature of the urgency of this situation, if there is a misspelling or word that got misplaced in this post, please excuse; the content has been proofread for consistency and no blaring errors are readily noticeable.]


July 11th 2015 Weekend International News Roundup

July 12, 2015
Monetary crisis in Greece is spoken of as though it will have repercussions internationally.

Russia has reportedly halted gas supplies to Ukraine since the beginning of July, of 2015, an event which has happened before, such as in 2009.

Perceptions exist that ISIS has made gains on a domination sort to speak of geographic areas in Syria.

These are popular stories, other stories such as heat waves and droughts exist in regions as applicable.

6/6 Worldwide Brief Roundup Sees Human Trafficking Atrocity and US Customs Helicopter Assaulted

June 6, 2015
South Korea
Reports that MERS cases have jumped to about 50; fatality count now about somewhere between a half dozen to 12 persons

Global: Tokyo, Japan and London, UK
In a recent surge of discoveries of humans showing up in mass transportation facilities; a few more than a few days ago in Tokyo, Japan, in a train station, an elderly woman was found in a locker, her corpse reportedly inside of suitcase.  About yesterday, it has been made known, in a port in Essex the U.K., 68 people were found crammed in locker, determined according to reports thus far to be a human trafficking situation; 15 children, 2 pregnant women, some of the victims seemed as though of Indian origin; 5 arrested on suspicion so far.

Thousands protest upcoming 2 day G7 summit in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a resort town in southern Germany

Saudi Arabia
A scud was reportedly fired toward Saudi coming from the Yemeni region, and evidently shot down; events unraveling in the last few days, it seems

Earthquake, about a dozen, give or take a few, missing

[Source of some of the information above from]

  • Memorable moment in Delaware Saturday morning for former AG Biden
  • Denver, Colorado; strong thunderstorms resulted in flooding, down trees, yesterday, [source]
  • Texas; flooding, numerous cars affected up into the thousands; low lying dams a major safety concern with respect to surging waters
  • Plains states region spanning to Chicago, alerts made for possible tornadoes, in carryover from what occurred in Colorado and Texas
  • New York City and Baltimore; seeing unusual spikes in violence lately; solidifying a pacifying effect needed at current
  • California; drought historic, solutions for water in bad need
  • Texas; U.S. Border and Customs Protection helicopter had to make an emergency landing near the border with Mexico Friday after reportedly being shot at near Laredo, Texas

OSCE observation mission, eastern Ukraine seen fierce clashes recently, resumption of talks sought


World News Roundup Includes Missing at Sea, Protests in South and Central America and Burundi, MERS in South Korea, Discontent in Iraq

June 2, 2015
A suicide blast using what has been concurred on as an explosive laden tank or armored vehicle  resulted in fatalities of somewhere between 30 and 40, and over 30 wounded, many of them reported to be Iraqi policemen, Monday, onto or near a base south of Samarra in the Salahu Deen Province of Iraq, located in the northern central area of the country, north of Baghdad.  Salahu Deen province wen transliterated into English can have a number of spelling variations.
Fingers are being pointed to ISIS in popular media in stories about the attack.

Ferry sinks with over 450 aboard, only about 12 rescued thus far.  The saddening event occurred in the Jainli section of the anciently known Yangtze River, Monday night, during a storm.  Central Hubei Province is the site of rescue efforts.

Central America and South America
Protests over the past weekend, whether there is a continuance through the current is not commented on here, in Honduras, reference social media scandal involving possible embezzlement, and Venezuela, especially in Caracas, and also Miami, Florida in the U.S., reference anti-government, legislative elections, and freedom for opposition leaders

A building collapse

South Africa
American female tourist, reportedly in her early 20s, was fatality after a lion leaped into an open vehicle window, as she was riding through an area near Johannesburg.  The lion park incident, of leping into an open window, is not the first time it has happened.

South Korea
MERS virus has reports of arriving, and claiming 2

Rallies and protests have been held recently, bigger ones might be in the works

Andaman Sea
Bangladeshi and Rohingya migrants seem to be unaccounted for, as they are somewhere out there, in the sea, numbering around 3000
One of many sources:

Yahoo News was helpful in uncovering some of the locations of the events listed above


Severe Storms Result in Missing in Regions Southwest of Austin Texas and Rogers County in Oklahoma May 25th 2015

May 26, 2015
Just southwest of Austin Texas, about 12 are missing from rough flooding.  In Oklahoma, the town of the Will Rogers Museum, is severe weather.
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Paris, France labor union demonstrating and clashing with police becoming alarming and violent; developments today June 14, 2016

'Missiles being hurled'..., tell-tale signs the situation has escalated past uncomfortable limits

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