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July 11th 2015 Weekend International News Roundup

July 12, 2015
Monetary crisis in Greece is spoken of as though it will have repercussions internationally.

Russia has reportedly halted gas supplies to Ukraine since the beginning of July, of 2015, an event which has happened before, such as in 2009.

Perceptions exist that ISIS has made gains on a domination sort to speak of geographic areas in Syria.

These are popular stories, other stories such as heat waves and droughts exist in regions as applicable.

6/6 Worldwide Brief Roundup Sees Human Trafficking Atrocity and US Customs Helicopter Assaulted

June 6, 2015
South Korea
Reports that MERS cases have jumped to about 50; fatality count now about somewhere between a half dozen to 12 persons

Global: Tokyo, Japan and London, UK
In a recent surge of discoveries of humans showing up in mass transportation facilities; a few more than a few days ago in Tokyo, Japan, in a train station, an elderly woman was found in a locker, her corpse reportedly inside of suitcase.  About yesterday, it has been made known, in a port in Essex the U.K., 68 people were found crammed in locker, determined according to reports thus far to be a human trafficking situation; 15 children, 2 pregnant women, some of the victims seemed as though of Indian origin; 5 arrested on suspicion so far.

Thousands protest upcoming 2 day G7 summit in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a resort town in southern Germany

Saudi Arabia
A scud was reportedly fired toward Saudi coming from the Yemeni region, and evidently shot down; events unraveling in the last few days, it seems

Earthquake, about a dozen, give or take a few, missing

[Source of some of the information above from timesofindia.indiatimes.com]

  • Memorable moment in Delaware Saturday morning for former AG Biden
  • Denver, Colorado; strong thunderstorms resulted in flooding, down trees, yesterday, [source kdvr.com]
  • Texas; flooding, numerous cars affected up into the thousands; low lying dams a major safety concern with respect to surging waters
  • Plains states region spanning to Chicago, alerts made for possible tornadoes, in carryover from what occurred in Colorado and Texas
  • New York City and Baltimore; seeing unusual spikes in violence lately; solidifying a pacifying effect needed at current
  • California; drought historic, solutions for water in bad need
  • Texas; U.S. Border and Customs Protection helicopter had to make an emergency landing near the border with Mexico Friday after reportedly being shot at near Laredo, Texas

Read: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/E/EU_UKRAINE?SITE=AP
OSCE observation mission, eastern Ukraine seen fierce clashes recently, resumption of talks sought


World News Roundup Includes Missing at Sea, Protests in South and Central America and Burundi, MERS in South Korea, Discontent in Iraq

June 2, 2015
A suicide blast using what has been concurred on as an explosive laden tank or armored vehicle  resulted in fatalities of somewhere between 30 and 40, and over 30 wounded, many of them reported to be Iraqi policemen, Monday, onto or near a base south of Samarra in the Salahu Deen Province of Iraq, located in the northern central area of the country, north of Baghdad.  Salahu Deen province wen transliterated into English can have a number of spelling variations.
Fingers are being pointed to ISIS in popular media in stories about the attack.

Ferry sinks with over 450 aboard, only about 12 rescued thus far.  The saddening event occurred in the Jainli section of the anciently known Yangtze River, Monday night, during a storm.  Central Hubei Province is the site of rescue efforts.

Central America and South America
Protests over the past weekend, whether there is a continuance through the current is not commented on here, in Honduras, reference social media scandal involving possible embezzlement, and Venezuela, especially in Caracas, and also Miami, Florida in the U.S., reference anti-government, legislative elections, and freedom for opposition leaders

A building collapse

South Africa
American female tourist, reportedly in her early 20s, was fatality after a lion leaped into an open vehicle window, as she was riding through an area near Johannesburg.  The lion park incident, of leping into an open window, is not the first time it has happened.

South Korea
MERS virus has reports of arriving, and claiming 2

Rallies and protests have been held recently, bigger ones might be in the works

Andaman Sea
Bangladeshi and Rohingya migrants seem to be unaccounted for, as they are somewhere out there, in the sea, numbering around 3000
One of many sources: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/latest-rohingya-boat-arrivals-bad-shape-31196979

Yahoo News was helpful in uncovering some of the locations of the events listed above


Severe Storms Result in Missing in Regions Southwest of Austin Texas and Rogers County in Oklahoma May 25th 2015

May 26, 2015
Just southwest of Austin Texas, about 12 are missing from rough flooding.  In Oklahoma, the town of the Will Rogers Museum, is severe weather.

Severe Storms Sweep Regions in the U.S. in Mid May

May 18, 2015
Some areas have seen tornadoes, some areas rains with cloudiness markedly limiting visibility.

Preparation for more storms, and clean-up of the aftermath of what has already arrived in the past 2 weeks, in the same way varies from region to region.

On the east coast, Maryland, especially areas in and around Baltimore and north of the DC area, is currently experiencing conditions with flash flood preparations, limited visibility due to cloudiness, rough rains sporadically starting and stopping.  A full tornado comparable to what affected about a dozen states this past weekend does not appear to have actually materialized.

12 states that are reported to have experienced tornado shocks, degree of intensity aside, were:

See http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/ for flash flood warning at the top of page for the evening of May 18, 2015.

Armenia Azerbaijan Relations at Border on the Border

February 17, 2015
The clock has been ticking, and border tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan have been heating up.  Slowly, perhaps even softly, it is similar to cooking a frog-- claims exist of Armenia ceasefire violations somewhere in the several dozen times in one day; claims exist of Azerbaijan breaking ceasefire agreements in the thousands.  As soon as news stories are pulled up about the regions, the first things seen are camouflaged soldiers.  The site of soldiers pointing high powered rifles and guns at each other is not a good sign.  The intensity might have kicked over the threshold to a regional concern that might just wash away, to approaching a dark stark concern.  Who is right, who is wrong, it might not be that simple, it might not matter, and it might not even be a part of the situation.

Adding complexity, Turkey has recently asked Armenia to pull out of the one of the Azerbaijan regions.

There is a newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan, in Sekuta.

U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, Mills, will take a hilt from an outgoing Heffern who stressed the strategy of halting clashes immediately, and that threats and military rhetoric will likely not solve anything [cf. http://www.cacianalyst.org/publications/field-reports/item/13041-mixed-reception-of-sochi-talks-in-azerbaijan.html].

King Abdullah Honored

January 23, 2015
Recognized for excellence even before declared King of Saudi Arabia, is King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, a legacy that will continue.


Major News Roundup Video for First Week of December 2014

December 18, 2014

Video roundup as discussed in referent precursor story, News Roundup for Business Week Ending December 5th 2014... covers headline assault cases, a number of tensions in Africa, protests, a few stories from the globe, and oil and gas.

YouTube video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYvecy6SzNw

News Roundup for Business Week Ending December 5th 2014 Shows Major Protests in the Works in Europe, Strife Turbulence Escalating in Well Known Locations in Africa, Unfair Assaults on Patrons

December 5, 2014
In the preparation to construct a brief film on the Headline Crest News YouTube channel, rounding up major news headlines since about the beginning of December this week until the 5th today, a blueprint draft of the content in written format is ready for viewing at December 5th roundup special page.  The webpage will be subject to revision.

  • Highlights:
    • upcoming protest in Dresden, Germany
    • developments of confrontations involving police and reportedly unarmed men in various locations
    • Africa: escalating turbulence:
      • Egypt
        • University uprisings escalate
      • Libya
        • ISIS setting up presence there
      • Sierra Leone
        • Grappling with Ebola virus
      • Somalia
        • Reports of 4 people killed about a couple of days ago in the capital citu after suicide blast near airport; suicide rammed vehicle into U.N. convoy in Mogadishu
      • Mali
        • Ebola assistance
      • Rwanda
        • children snatched...by Al-Qaeda linked activities
      • DRC/[formerly Zaire]
        • over a 100 killed recently...
      • Uganda
      • Nigeria
      • Kenya
      • Madagascar
        • plague concerns

Has Ebola Gone Beyond?

October 3, 2014

The Ebola situation, is one where if one is not careful, falling into the snares of other aspects of its lethalness besides direct passing of the virus, can become increasingly possible, even though it may not be the desire of all.

An illness that might be perceived as only affecting those in Africa, and perhaps only the less economically fortunate, may not be the reality.

Is complete and automatic exemption guaranteed?

The responsibilities that have to be carried out, have to be carried out, with proper wisdom and guidance.


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Highway fire in California started from brush fire, Arizona sees floods and West Nile Virus, Wweekend of July 19th, 2015. Read HCN story at: Shocking-fast-wildfire-jumps-highway...engulfs-vehicles, Maricopa-County-sees-rough-floods-and-West-Nile-virus
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Initially entered April 27, 2015:
Earthquake has toll of the thousands in Nepal, a mountainous region.


Initially entered Saturday January 10,
2015 about 9pm E.S.T.:

Abandoned bags in railway stations persist as a danger.  Bomb explodes northeast of Kolkata India injuring 2 children. 
See story: 2 injured near Kolkata


Initially entered 28th of October 2014 at 8:33pm E.S.T.:

Fierce lava flows threatening and destroying town in Pahoa, Hawaii. Kilauaha volcano spew.

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