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Has Ebola Gone Beyond?

October 3, 2014

The Ebola situation, is one where if one is not careful, falling into the snares of other aspects of its lethalness besides direct passing of the virus, can become increasingly possible, even though it may not be the desire of all.

An illness that might be perceived as only affecting those in Africa, and perhaps only the less economically fortunate, may not be the reality.

Is complete and automatic exemption guaranteed?

The responsibilities that have to be carried out, have to be carried out, with proper wisdom and guidance.

Concerns in Areas of the Arab Region and Neighboring Regions August 8, 2014

August 8, 2014
Briefly summarizing;

  • A two (2) star General in the U.S. military has been killed in Afghanistan
  • Gaza: what will evolve pertaining to a declaration of an enemy territory?
  • ISIS: activities and tipping points.  Intervention efforts that are developing are probably in the media as we speak.
    • ISIS references the group trying to declare an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria', as it is often translated with slight variations in wording into English language news media

Measuring the Escalated Scale of the Palestine Israel Conflict

July 9, 2014

The world awakes this morning to the sound of missiles being fired, as if the era regressed to the way it was in World War Two.

Looking at the rationale for the escalation to large quantities of missile exchange, was it the series of abducted and ‘dehuminized’ teenagers within recent weeks?

Those with, the knowledge of how to carry forth with prudence, and wisdom that weigh properly measure for measure, thought that the solution to precluding violence that resembles the events of 20 or 30 years ago, was done so by the thorough work of police conducting their investigations into the abduction exchange.  The investigations did occur.  So why did violence escalate to the extent it has?  Now the question is, was the missile exchange seen now, inevitable?

It seems there were some confessions as to the abductions.  Is that enough to catapult into full scale war?

The concentration of violence is reported to be in the Gaza area.

Reports are almost 40 people have died since Monday day before yesterday.  Reports also indicate about 700 people have been wounded in that time frame.  Are all 35 to 40 people dead intricately tied to the teen abductions of the last few weeks?

The populations in the world that know the trends of the ‘Palestine-Israel’ conflict, could almost sense the escalation to increased violence was coming, if a viable solution to preclude them was not set in place in time.

'Palestine-Israel' conflict, is in quotes because there is more going on in the region, a region with holy attributions that goes back to the times at least of Isa/Jesus, the Injeel, or as popularly known, 'Biblical Times', than just a two-way strife of violence by one side Palestinians, and the other side Israelis.

Problematic to the recent teen abduction situation, is the history of illegal smuggling that has gone on in the region for years, especially around 2009.  Human organ smuggling, such as kidney smuggling, is one of the markedly popularly known black market schemes of concern.

It is known by those familiar with the region, that certain areas, especially at night, are not areas where it is prudent to be traveling or hitchhiking.  This is not to say that the entirety of the teen abduction that occurred recently was due to hitchhiking in unsafe areas, what it does bring up are subject areas that need to be immediately addressed:

1-  The increase in safety measures using non-violent technologies for regions which could be loosely described as ‘low zones’, these zones meaning areas not as populated, not as wealthy, and not as urbanized.  Referent areas might have been used to sneak crimes such as trafficking in.  Has there been an adequate upsurge in the safety measures that are comprised of surveillance cameras and lighting, been provided for all, Palestinians, Israelis, tourists, visitors, travelers to pay respects to the Holy Land and Holy Sites, and diplomats?

2-  Palestinian and Israeli identity in the sense of belonging, among the youth.  Knowledge can wade away, and new methods of accessing, organizing, and presenting knowledge evolve.  What is a Palestinian, what is an Israeli?- is something that , where some youth might find out in the course of study, that they have ancestry to both sets of groups, and have to make a decision as to who they belong. Moving to the next point…

3-  …Which leads to, is the two-pronged framework of either Palestinian or Israeli overly simplified with respect to where everything is now?  Are youth being forced to enter one of two camps, when not applicable, nor appropriate, and which could contribute to fueling conflict?

4-  Parents, markedly of youth that are in the 18 to 25 year old age group, from all over the world, areas of Europe that has seen waves from there to Israeli immigration at the forefront, must be appropriately aware that their son or daughter who might have joined the Israeli military, might have done so without having the same kind of long-dated sense of ancestral ties to Bany Israel, briefly translated as the Sons, Children, or Tribe of Israel, Israel, Palestine, Assyria, or eastern Egypt, Trans-Jordan, or other regions that may have come and gone in place-name, in or very near the now known as Palestine-Israel region.

The principal and concept of ‘keep out our Holy War’, can sometimes be unfair to the rest of the world.  When world leaders have to stop what they are doing, to assist in the peace process after a sudden increase spike in violence, it pulls away from the set of people that are being asked to mind their business.  For example, here in the U.S., there are economic challenges that include children not having par level education, in some cases, inadequate school facilities to even go to school.  Rates of joblessness, homelessness, and hunger, have affected Americans nationwide.  Straightforwardly, they need money, help, and assistance.  When the food gets taken out of hungry children’s’ mouths, so that a Palestine-Israel situation can be urgently attended, many become involved, even if remotely indirectly.

Generally, progress of the human being, becomes an issue, when Palestine and Israelis go at it, as if it were decades ago.  The fortune of non-violent technology becoming available that can be used to work toward peaceful solutions, has to be used ahead of using minimal increases in technology such as more powerful rockets.

In closing this brief news with some commentary, is the concern of the balance of attention that a region at war gains, and also when the parties involved in the conflict are geographically adjacent to each other.  Ukraine-Russia from a few months ago, Korea-Japan from a few weeks ago, turbulence over the South-China Sea, who deserves most?


Nigeria: Blast or Blasts. What is Clear is the Situation Requires Administering

July 1, 2014
There is a sense that this kind of situation is either starting to evolve, about to, or is already.  Referring to, one blast that upsets the region and makes world news, then another.  With all the streams of information made available on news sources, making crystallization out of the muddle as to all the details, especially as the aftermath is unfolding, is a challenge.

However, what is clear, is administering to the tragic events probably has the consensus as a 'must'.

Regarding Nigeria in the past couple of days.

The issue is forced to be at the front page news.  Sometimes the keeper of the house has to tend to the behaviors of the guests regardless of stimulus of the activities, -like it or not-.

High School Student Safety Needs to be Addressed as of Immediate April 2014

April 14, 2014
What the cause is, and whether they were under the control of man or control of the destiny of nature, incidents over the past few months involving high school students, demands that a viable unshaken solution be found.

A few marked incidents:
  • Pennsylvania high school stabbing last week, Franklin Regional, subject of focus, 16 years old, about 22 injured or affected, a teacher included
    • barely coming off the Ft. Hood incident involving a disgruntled soldier, a few days earlier
  • Texas school stabbing, Spring High School, September 2013
  • Wicked crash involving FedEx truck in northern California, claiming lives
  • In Russia, in recent months, there was a school shooting, fatalities were included, the subject of attention, was reportedly 16 years old, Moscow, February 2014, held 20 hostage, a teacher a victim
  • In years past, is the popularly known Columbine shooting

There are many more, and further details.

This article, initially written 2:30pm E.S.T. 04/14/2014, might possibly be continued.


Attacks on U.S. Bases on U.S. Soil: Identifying and Defining Safety Vulnerabilities

April 3, 2014
Condolences to those that served, honorably, with dignity.
7:15pm E.S.T.
Already an overwhelming amount of coverage has been placed upon the Fort Hood incident.  Thereunto, there is probably no need to reiterate findings concerning the disheartening event.

Improving safety is always a priority.
Questions that lie in the wake of yesterday's shooting may include:
  • What are the cycles of events, that contain events such as the most recent salient Fort Hood shooting?  Why did, or do these cycles events occur?
  • How far beyond, perhaps comparatively, cut-and-dried designations for safety, should be taken as areas for increased safety development?
Other events that the memory of is evoked with the events of Wednesday April 2nd:
  • Columbine tragedy
  • 2009 Fort Hood Shooting
  • Columbia Mall shooting that took place in recent months in Maryland
  • Shooting in Norfolk, Virginia that claimed the life of Navy personnel
  • Parade disaster when float struck within the past several years

U.S. West Coast Serious Severe Catastrophe Storm and Climate Related Markedly Mud Slides and Meanwhile Warnings of Reflections of What Might be a Carnage of Malay Flight 370

March 25, 2014
Mud slides on the northwest U.S. coastal area has taken a toll that is estimated at nearing 200 lives unaccounted for.  This as of 10:00am E.S.T.

Recently, heavy flooding occurred in the southern quarter of California.  Not long after seismic to include possible earthquake activity took place in the state, if not the same region.  The pattern of tumult of geological masses, speaks.

Always leave possibility that there could be more climatic geological geographic activities in the upcoming months, weeks, or even days, that might require emergency assistance from all states.

Proactive and expedient assistance needless to say is needed to help locate and rescue and save the lives of those missing from the landslide.

Meanwhile over in the Malaysia region, some of the theories of what happened to the missing plane in Flight 370 might be getting too far fetched in the wrong directions.  It is possible that whatever happened to the plane might be outside the norm of expectation, however, directing theories toward what is constructive might help streamline solutions.

The waters are so rough in that region that if the plane was in many pieces, it they could be carried in many directions for hundreds of miles in different directions.

Search technology must include the capacity to locate sunk objects that are BELOW the ocean floor, as some of the pieces might have been swallowed, if such events occurred.

Physics might have it, that a 180 degree turn-around in mid flight might have caused the momentum of one direction to tear the plane in half or lose a wing if that event is theorized.

Whatever happened on board the plane, after the lights went out, was probably not what happens in the movies, but a zig-zag of course of the plane.  There might have been a struggle on board if there were aggressive activities, or if there were natural activities meaning from air streams or storms, or electromagnetic interference from forms of life in the ocean, then the pilot would have made an effort for safe arrival in possible conjunction with a change, or if forced to fly to somewhere or on a course direction, would have made some sort of curve in flight pattern from the original to the one off trail as opposed to a mid flight 180 or 120 like a paper airplane held in your hand.

Here are some other events in history that can be used to analyze what might have happened to scattered metal objects from flight and water vehicles:

  • Space Shuttle Disasters
  • Flight disasters off the coast of New York sometime after 1996
  • Other flight disasters

Technology that might help:
  • Satellite imagery-- going back in time an closely examining reels of footage for the day the plane disappeared
  • Infra red satellite
  • If there was an extreme heat from wrongful activity, it might show on the reels.  If there was no out of the ordinary heat, or erratic activity of flight path, then there is the slight possibility that the plane landed somewhere on land, and the folks are or were trapped.

Who else might hold clue:
  • Ask native peoples that live on coastal areas, like south-eastern India, Sri Lanka, aborigines, and folks that might not speak popular languages. 
  • Ask children that were out playing in the hills if they saw anything.

This posting subject to editing, written hurriedly for time reasons.


Sochi Olympics on the Verge of Being Spoiled Before Starting

February 5, 2014
Foremost, someone said to expect 'a present' at the Sochi Olympics, according to BBC.

The news story providing a loose framework for this 'present', which seems to have a threat associated with it, is at:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26054029  see Volgograd 'bomb plotter' shot dead in Dagestan

The Olympics is not supposed to be synonymous with danger for athletes.

Memories of the Munich Olympics incident in 1972 still remains.

A number of young men in their thirties have faced the brunt of action taken by Russian security forces, in a chain of events that has been repeating itself over the past couple of years, which is suicide bombings, then a confrontation between persons pointed out as suspected as militants to be in some degree responsible for the suicide attacks, and Russian security forces.

The Sochi Olympics has been portrayed as fueling further fire to aggressively make certain the freezing of militants capacities.

Amongst concerns is, non-biased on international level, is, slain persons during the confrontations, having not had a chance to stand trial.

Published by HCN 3:40pm E.S.T.


Trend of Protesting Outside U.S. Embassies and Consulates

January 9, 2014
Is it a 'reliable alternative'?  Are there aspects of human behavior trends involved?


Going on now, January 9, 2014 10:30 am E.S.T.: protesters outside U.S. Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka, per report from Sri Lanka online newspaper published '8 hours ago'. 
National Freedom Front, as said in source article, SundayTimes.lk, is involved.

A story published '4 hours ago' as of 2:20pm E.S.T., Army referring to Sri Lanka Army:
Army hits out at US Embassy

By admin on January 9, 2014
The army has accused the US Embassy in Colombo of making  baseless allegations which it says could be part of a much larger campaign that they intend launching in the near future.

Army spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya said the allegation made by the US Embassy that Sri Lanka army shelling had killed hundreds of families at St Antony’s Ground, Iranapallai in 2009 is completely baseless.

Source and full story surfaced early in query results at http://colombogazette.com/2014/01/09/army-hits-out-at-us-embassy/

Traffic jams reported, reference Galle Road, Kollupitiya. 

Concurrently, possibly including yesterday, and a situation that has escalated since the incident that is said to have caused the reactions, Sri Lanka at the very southern tip of India or just abutting so, north of there, at US. Embassy and Consulates in India generally speaking, reactions are ensuing the treatment of the India diplomat, reference 12/12/'13. 

A few weeks ago, barricades were requested to be moved.
Is the timing of developments most prudent respective safety measures?

Toward clarification as to the who, what, when, and where of embassies/consulates in India and Sri Lanka affected --:
  • Today and developing as we speak, Thursday January 9, 2014, time zone differences in consideration:
    • U.S. Embassy located in New Delhi, is where request concerning commerce activities and diplomatic immunity rights
    • U.S. Embassy located in Colombo, gathering of protesters, reference objection to visit of U.S. Ambassador
  • U.S. Embassies and Consulates in India and regarding protesting overview outline:
    • Protests reaction to situation that evolved with diplomat in New York:
      • Embassy
        • New Delhi
          • Yesterday, January 9, 2013, thereabout, extent of continuation of protests not available at this time, father of diplomat at protest.  Request made to embassy to stop commercial activities.
          • December 18th, 2013, thereabout, demand for apology, protesting
      • Consulate
        • Chennai
          • NEWS: Devyani's father leads protest outside US consulate

            ...her father on Tuesday led a protest march outside the American consulate here, terming the US administration's action against her as "illegal"....

            Source and full story: http://www.news.nom.co/devyani-s-father-leads-protest-outside-7676913-news/

            Congress workers protest outside US Consulate General campus
            PTI Dec 18, 2013, 06.47PM IST

            CHENNAI: Over 50 Congress workers today staged a protest outside the US Consulate General campus here, demanding an apology from the US government for the way in which Indian diplomat...

            Source and full story: http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-12-18/news/45338391_1_congress-workers-protest-congress-party-diplomat
        • Mumbai
          • Last Tuesday, January 7th, similar protests to Chennai
        • Kolkata
          • December 19th, 20th, thereabout, students and academicians showed, demanding barricades be removed
        • Hyderabad
          • Protests with the organization of them credited to a few other groups, coalitions and/or unions, in similar manner to Kolkata, and same date
    • Protests in recent history about other matters: 
      • Embassy
        • New Delhi
          • After shooting rampage at Sikh temple in Wisconsin, a show of presence, first week of August 2012
          • December 2010, whether event did or did not materialize, information not available
            SGPC plans protests outside US embassies
            TNN Dec 16, 2010, 06.44am IST

            AMRITSAR/CHANDIGARH: Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) has exhorted Sikhs across the globe to stage demonstrations in front of US embassies on December 23 to register their protest against humiliation meted out to Sikhs in America, even as Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) lodged a strong protest with US ambassador Timothy J Roemer in New Delhi on Wednesday, regarding the "discriminatory instructions of US administration to pat the turbans of Sikhs at US airports".

            SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar said SGPC would protest in front of the US Embassy in Delhi and hand over a memorandum to the US ambassador. "The attitude of US authorities is not only against Sikhs' religious sentiments, but also a violation of human rights," he said.
            Source and full story: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2010-12-16/chandigarh/28231069_1_sikhs-avtar-singh-makkar-turban-issue
      • Consulate
        • Chennai
          • September 2012, protests outside, however moving very close, past ordinary security limits, regarding film, 'Innocence...', credited with being produced in the U.S., yet also had news stories of implications occurring in other places.  Indian police were reported to have formed human wall of protection at the scene at the consulate.
        • Mumbai
          • August, end of 2nd week, 2012, Saturday, riots, included targeting a train.  Specifics respective to consulate are not available at this time.  Insofar the behavioral patterns, NDTV says, "The police believe this mob which boarded the train at Kurla, mingled with angry protestors who were already there, instigated the others who seem to have also joined in taking advantage of the situation." [ndtv.com/article/cities/mumbai-riots-footage-shows-armed-mob-riding-train-254369]
        • Kolkata
          • Late September 2012, reference 'Innocence..' film
        • Hyderabad
          • intentionally left blank, above content sufficient for providing summary

Just in, 11:00am E.S.T., protesters in India are asking the U.S. embassy or at least some aspects thereof, be shut down, according to a report released '2 hours ago'.

With all the economic cooperation going on between the U.S. and India, valuable for the livelihood of millions, opinions are closing after an incident is not commensurate.

Of course is the best effort of U.S. diplomacy to remedy the situation after the referent incident in New York.

The people of India want to show that they have a strong belief and manifested with the zeal in form of protesting, in what their culture upholds as symbols of dignity.  It can be gauged that the protests are not to such an extreme that it has consumed the health of the numbers of people such as during a war, then again, persons have been arrested, signifying a sacrifice of their futures for the stand they are making.  Looking through different lenses, to a country with a population density with a different set of dynamics than the U.S. in many places, and that India as a country is almost considered by many as, as old as the same India that is in or near the region that first felt the foot of the first man Adam, with that comes what the people might feel as their 'place' in the world of diplomacy and chivalry of the earth's people, the situation regarding the dimensions of treatment of their diplomat, they want to make clear they are taking it seriously.  Meantime, to perspectives that might be held by some some American, it might be hard to understand all of the why's, as to why it being taken seriously, resultant of things such as upbringing, priorities laid out in culture, and so forth.

October: Khalq members said to be from Iran, were outside embassy in Berlin, Germany
Reports that marked in the timeline of events was Friday October 18, 2013.

Tel Aviv
A few days ago: Tel Aviv known as a city of Israel, a location of embassy, has seen what reports show of 1,000 and even 10,000 African migrant protestors.

Concerns that Present Themselves
Words from the wise, whereupon a convergence of a mass of people outside of an embassy, there is no guarantee that every member of that protesting mass is identified as comprising a contraindicated limited group.  There might be other people joining the protest under a banner or slogan, from another banner.
Simplifying further, if the protest is said to be comprised of immigrants from country 'x' protesting for higher wages, it might actually be the case that in that amalgam of people standing outside, are people that illegally arrived from countries 'y', 'a', 'b', 'c', etc., taking long routes to get to their objective destination the embassy, for the purpose of readying for turbulence for something that has nothing to do with higher or lower wages.

There are more events that can be added to the list, the above cited are just a few to summarize.


Lebanon and Syria: Time Pressures Present Themselves After Report of Lebanon Firing on Syria Aerial Warcraft Said to be Invading Airspace

December 30, 2013
Invading airspace, how it happened, the details of why it happened on a moment to moment case by case basis, has not been accessed.  This article [originally written] still early on after release published article of 2 hours ago.
Referent article in IrishTimes online. 

In the heat of an incident, sometimes it may seem that the incident is isolated or will remain so.  History has taught us, take for instance the Iraq invasion of Kuwait that is credited as the big tip off of the Iraq War about 25 years ago, that hotly involved feuds on geopolitically recognized borders can mushroom exponentially into a situation far larger than what it seemed to be at the moment of the initial.

Over the years, criticism of the Arab World has been in regard to pulling together.

It is evident that Syria warplanes [or warcraft] are contending with the catch-22 scenario derived from combatants and hostilities on geopolitical border fringes, as the border with Lebanon respective to complaints about airspace infringement is not the only one, in the past 3 years thereabout, there have been complaints about airspace over Turkey infringed.  Country land domains being used in different ways by those hostile to Syrian government, somewhere down the line, the countries presiding over those domains react to the airspace situation.

Based on the content of news stories accessed thus far, 1pm E.S.T., it is not clear whether the soldiers that fired on the Syrian warplanes [or warcraft] knew that they were Syrian warplanes.  Communication, surveillance detection equipment, etc., along with a look at the broad circumstance, undoubtedly will probably get investigated.

8:30pm E.S.T., varying reports as to the type of aircraft fired at.  Some reports say helicopters, some say warplanes.  Currently renown news entities have reports indicative that there were 2 helicopters involved.

Key phrases:
  • Arsal

Article first written Monday December 30, 2013 at 12:10pm E.S.T., subject to being updated

Headline roundups.  Some commentary might be added.
Clock here L.S.T./ E.S.T.

Time stamps on articles showing directly beneath article title automatically built into website are G.M.T.

 Breaking News Box


Initially entered Wednesday 11:07pm E.S.T. November 19, 2014:

A beauty pageant contestant winner has been shot in the Honduras or surrounding region.  Developing story.  Periodically check the Honduras page for further details. 

Thoughts and prayers that these was not an incident of attention getting in combination with predation, a repeat incident of the slaying that occurred in South/Central America in the past few years where a beauty pageant and her husband were shot while on a road trip after their car had to stop. 

Seek the protection in the future from ghastly, spirits.

Details/analysis to be on Honduras and possibly other pages... Meanwhile, there is no such animal as attempt to engage in mysticism while attempting to fulfill traits of one of the earth's most evil contentions.

Caution to all everywhere. 

Update 11:20pm: Alvarado sisters were victims, according to reports.

Initially entered 28th of October 2014 at 8:33pm E.S.T.:

Fierce lava flows threatening and destroying town in Pahoa, Hawaii. Kilauaha volcano spew.

Initially entered
24th of October 2014 at 3:42pm E.S.T.:

Suspect in school shooting today in Marysville, Washington [State] near Seattle, reported as fatality

Initially entered 16th of September 2014 at 7:36pm E.S.T.:

Manhunt underway for sniper cop killer that attacked in northeastern Pennsylvania last Friday just before 11pm the 12th of September 2014. 


Initially entered 11th of September 2014 8:16pm E.S.T.:

Flooding in Kashmir, Jammu, [Azad kashmir, Azad Jammu...], Pakistan, and India, has escalated to extreme emergency levels.  Between 400 and 500 reported deceased.

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