A Take on the Racial Themed Scene of Confusion in Charlottesville Virginia

August 13, 2017
Written and published Saturday August 12th 2017 before midnight EST

Anytime one is a member of the team, contributing to the effort to make and keep America great, stronger, and protected externally and internally, when an emergency arises, something should be said, even if other parties such as government analysts and security already know what you have to say and much more, and this is established wisdom.

When the sun rises tomorrow, which as a blessing often taken for granted, many will be able to see aspects of the chaos that occurred in Virginia earlier today.

The sun rises and sets each day, chaos performed by human beings at at protesting rallies do not duplicate themselves in an order like that.

The events in Charlottesville earlier today, and generally what was beneath the floor of civilized behavior, does not deserve to touch the pages of chapters in American history.

All said, for now, what we, HCN, will do, is lay out a few basic principles, some 'spiritual', some 'practical', that are always solid, and points of references to make assessments, and help make the situation better.

Number one: American homeland security, domestic defense, and that ilk, is smarter and more advanced than foreign enemies will ever know.
-Message: If a foreign enemy is planning something in an attempt to try to deteriorate the United States, even if it be in the way of reducing our dignity, they might as well be told to, please desist and do not bother, they will not succeed.

Second point: There is a saying about being 'dragged by the forelock'.  The context might be in 'Sufi literature', but the application, as witnesses to the chaos in Virginia can see, has applications to everyday dimensions.

-Consider the following questions and points:
  • Why did the incident happen in Charlottesville? Did Richmond, or its roughly 72 miles of proximity to, which used to be 'Capital of the Confederacy', back in Civil War days, have something to do with it?
    • Is there an invoking of threads and innuendos of 'hate is still alive' going on?
  • Filling in the the the rest of the sentences to the 'dragging by forelock' wisdom, will not be laid out here.  Albeit, if a faith guide to the White House has shown up, there are those of us that know the rest of the sentences, that are on the same page, in reference to what the assessment of the scenes in Charlottesville are, or could be.
  • When chaotic dangers emerge, and there are fits of violence happening, where human beings are beside themselves numerous times, there could be additional dangers not fully ascertained or ascertainable yet, which could also emerge or have emerged.
  • Two police officers no longer with us, is any of what went on today worth it?
  • In the knowledge of mass groups of people acting out behaviors, there are sayings and knowledge that have to do with tides of energies to the left, where one could ask, how could so many people be in that modality; how all that happens, refer back to the forelock literature.
  • Of course, the standard question is there for incidents like today's scene, which is, was everyone who was involved fully 'annihilated in work of the Lord'? If the answer is yes, then so it be, if the answer is no, or not entirely, then there is some serious reflecting that some people should be doing about where their minds, behavior, and cleanliness of heart, needs to move to.

We really did not want to place the subject matter on the first page of the newspaper, but, maybe there was a mild victory there to those to the evil left; however, there are other victories that will be one by those of us that strive for a peaceful nation.


Several Marines Missing and Minnesota Masjid Explosion Looks Like Recent History Being Repeated, Breaking News Roundup for August 5th 2017

August 5, 2017
An MV-22 Osprey aircraft crashed into waters near the east coast of Australia, event in progress.  The ship, USS Bonhomme Richard.  What the up to the minute status is a challenge to post here, as the situation is developing and in a remote area, however, the source of the story, http://abc7ny.com/3-us-marines-missing-after-aircraft-crashes-off-coast-of-australia/2277974/, says 23 that were on board the aircraft have been rescued.

An explosion occurred in a Minnesota masjid, a place of worship in Islam, CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/05/us/explosion-reported-minnesota-mosque/index.html) just released about 5 minutes ago, near 7:35pm EST, that it was hit by an IED.  An improvised explosive device, acronym IED, is known for exploding in places like the warfields of Afghanistan and Iraq in the past decade or so, claiming the lives and injuring many U.S. soldiers.  An IED, which does not have to be a weapon confined to just the Middle East, is a serious scare when it is set off here on U.S. soil.  Fortunately, no one was injured in the Bloomington, Minnesota masjid blast that occurred around 5pm local time, 6am EST.

The recent history--
  • USS Fitzgerald incident June 2017 near Japan, soldiers missing, then found
  • Fire at a Tampa, Florida area masjid ruled arson February 2017; Riverside, California area fire in a masjid in or about December 2015 might have been hate crime; Islamic Center of Ypsilanti, Michigan fire, March 2017


Assaults on Women Wearing Hijab Viewed as an Epedemic

June 27, 2017
Pulling together multiple facts from multiple locations sometimes can be a challenge especially when just one of the event warrant significant effort to remedy and the event attracts becoming getting consumed in involvement with that process.

These are recent 3 factual events in a summary, that everyone here in the U.S., if not the world need to know:

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Woman assaulted around the middle of April 2017
  • Portland, Oregon: incident where the result left 2 men fatally stabbed due to their intervening of an assault on a woman on a local train; occurrence in May
  • Sterling, Virginia: IHOP to ADAMS Center, in an early Sunday morning, assault on a teenage female in June 2017

The events have some common denominators to them.

Figuring out how to prevent such situations is a better arch.

This article is subject to being revised with further detail.

A copy or version of this article is being prepared to be posted on our augment site, HCN Prime.


US VP to DMZ Post Picturesque Military Tradition

April 17, 2017
The United States Vice President visiting the demilitarized zone at a very sensitive time in the timeline of the Koreas region since the end of the Korean War.

Why might this be a sensitive time?

There has been discussion by news sources having to do with recent missile tests in the past week performed by North Korea.

There might be concern that some of the crimes against political prisoners has been ongoing since long before the current leader of North Korea could have possibly had ascertainment of them.

Developments pertinent North Korea that currently sit salient has aspects two-pronged, one, punishment of political prisoners and rumored experiments on humans that are archaic and obsolete in today's acceptance of what is civilized, and second, nuclear capability, whereat the trust factor such as to potentialities of the capability is toward the forefront of international peace agenda.

What the precise reality is on a day to day basis in terms of what is pragmatically going on inside the geopolitical borders of North Korea, might be somewhat elusive to the world outside that Nation.  This all while dimensions in the South China Sea have hot seat issues now, namely the prospects of oil, and territorial disputes. 

The sum of the entirety is a recipe that attracts intervention to attain and maintain at least an understanding circumscribing the developments of the region, for instance so that the U.S. knows how to keep our deck of cards straight on the international table and able to not just compete, economically, militarily and standard facets, but also survive.  The reference to survival could ask, what would happen if the price per barrel of oil dropped so low, ten times lower than ever before, from the markets we have been getting the oil from the last 50 years, to compete against oil sales coming from underwater off-shore drilling in the South China Sea?  Maybe good, maybe bad, likely a combination that would have different kinds of repercussions, perhaps the stock market, perhaps how large oil corporations run daily gas station operations, as hypothetical.

It spells out there may be a desire to have transparency in a region that historically has plausibly been shrouded to the world outside of it and not been transparent by nature.

What is needed is needed; as far as trying to get a hold of secret mystical mysteries out of anything and everything east of the east coast of China to fulfill ambitions of new museum exhibits, those might have to be left out of the equation, reference peace and economic equilibrium, at least for now, especially if they are not necessary and going to upset the natives there.

Posted the evening of April 16th 2016 E.S.T.


Summary of Concerns that Could Arise About Actions Involving Nuclear and Air Strikes

April 9, 2017
Many of the concerns and facts listed here are well known, consolidated all in one place.  This is a summary outline, lengthy dissertation papers could be written on the subject, however, a lot of it has already been done.

Looking at the last 20 years or so, well known Middle East leaders:
  • Yasser Arafat
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Hosni Mubarak
  • Ayatollah Khomeni
  • Muammar Qaddhafi
  • Kings of Saudi Arabia

There is a situation in Syria.  One aspect that saliently sits out in the list of well known Arab Region or Middle East leaders, is the current leader of Syria is perhaps the youngest of the group.

Aside from Saudi Arabia, in Syria, the current Assad is in power perhaps to some degree due to that his father was in power previously.

The multitude of dynamics going on, Assad might be grappling with trying to juggle a bunch of different weights while the whole thing is on pins and needles, all while he might not have necessarily had the choice of selection of what everything is that was put on his plate, on the plate.  Reference to 'dropped in his lap'.

Over here in the U.S. many talk about Assad as if he is the only man in the government, this concurrent the reference to be a younger in age leader.  What this is broken down to in simpler words is, when anything happens, all fingers seem to point to Assad the individual. 
Is that the reality, does he himself deserve that treatment?

Synopsis on bombings and air strikes:
The U.S. still to this day has 2 big events in its history, that still drag around everywhere we go
  • Napalm during the Vietnam War
  • The bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima

Some in the U.S. do not wish to be viewed as the entity behind the massive ugliness of a pyrotechnics event, certainly not a renewed reputation of that, nor the wish to last another 100 years or so.  Therefore, some might feel, that if a solution can be found that does not involve nuclear, air strikes, or bombings, to do the absolute best to use those other alternates first.

In the U.S. today, it is an arrestable offense to even speak or shout out in a public place hat a person has a firearm or threatening the use of one illegally, even if hat person does not actually have a firearm in their possession; that was part of an effort to reduce firearm violence.

In similar vein, threatening the use of nuclear activity and other high powered from the air weaponry use, does not always sit well in the international community.

There seems to be talk of nuclear usage based on gleanings from news sites having to do with North Korea.

Incidentally, like in the Syria, the leadership of North Korea has perhaps dropped into the lap of the current leader post his father.

Accepted leader facts:
  • Assad born mid 1965, in office since 2000, came to office in his 30s
  • Kim Jong born in 1984, currently about the same age as Assad was when he came o power.  His childhood was at least  ten years after Vietnam, and over sixty years since the end of the Korean War summer of 1953.

That a younger leader, whether North Korea, or Syria, or anywhere else in the world, might have areas where sets of responsibility that were messy from the start up in nature set upon them, is not a situation where others taking full advantage of seizing the opportunity to chastise them every time something goes wrong, is ethical.

Human life and civilization is not a script from war games, or battleship board game.  Situations of land 'a' did 'x', so land 'b' does 'y' in response, in reality, having an assessment of fuller depth of all that is going on, is more respectable to have, than just knee jerk reaction, black-and-white action and reaction.  Sometimes the latter can appear superficial and even bullying.

There are a few developments that could happen which seems like they have not, or at least not all that pushed for, in regard to Syria and North Korea.  (Making no mistake, there have been inspections or the call to do so before.)
  • Transparency to the decisions going on in the government as a whole, to monitoring entities
    • Does everyone, for instance in the U.S., siting at their television sets and online news computer device, know, the names and faces of the top ten decision makers in the two governments, North Korea and Syria, as readily as they know Bashar Assad, and Kim Jong?
      • Perhaps getting that accomplished first, then pointing fingers, as to who is performing activity they should not be, in that larger perspective; culling out who did what and who is responsible for what wrong doing might be more easily identified.
  • Has an emergency talk taken place with all parties present, leaders of U.S., Russia, Syria, and Iran; one that the public can see and formulate decisions about?
  • Major international law and rule changes and advents, such as mandatory embargoes, suspense of recognized government until inspections, transparent nuclear inspections, thorough investigations with 'something in writing' that attests to who pulled the trigger, who was in the airplane dropping gas, who was feeding women poison in prisons that cause them to die.  (Has that taken place to a furthered level?)

Events in the past 40 years thereabout:
  • Oil embargoes here in the U.S.
    • Remember the gas lines that wrapped around blocks, oil crisis of 1973?
      • In series of events after events, could that be what could happen, if events in the Middle East keep unfolding

The courses of what happened next, after a Middle East country received air strikes from the U.S.
  • Qaddhafi, and Libya, there was airstrike in about 1986; Qaddhafi was not deposed until about 25 years later
  • Air strikes on Iraq; Saddam Hussein was not deposed until about 20 years later
  • Post the bombing on the Japan islands in the 1940s, public outcry is still in existence, here are people alive today that were alive when those bombs were dropped; trying to develop a peace between nations is still ongoing, such as by leaders that had not yet yet seen their first days of childhood until well after that.
    • Jean-Luc Melenchon running for French leadership, is already discussing America might be doing a 'criminal act'; seizing opportunity for criticism at the first sight of aerial weapons
      • The last development the U.S. could want is condemnation from European allies
        • The disaster, is a double whammy of condemnation, abandonment, and permanent scrutiny, by both European allies and the Arab World
  • No blood for oil/ no blood for diamonds, slogans and campaigns
    • Slogan/campaign used in the construct of South Africa during the apartheid era; diamond oppression ongoing in other areas of Africa today. War with Iraq.
      • Some here in the U.S. do not want to be at the receiving end of criticism that what could perceived by others or taunted by outsiders as the root, base motivation of interaction with the Middle East at all, is oil, and now more missiles are seen flying over the Middle East, whether they be they are for the cause of justice or not

Assertions and seizing opportunities, 'kicking the cat' in the international leadership sphere:
  • The world got upset when the Nazi power group took off too far in the late 1930s and 1940s, when they asserted themselves as powers that have the authority to cause casualties of masses and masses of people, and that the justification for those actions rests with themselves approving of it
  • Left over weapons after strife or warfare, where traders attempt to seize the leftover materials, and use it to build weapons, or use the base material for sales to make money; this has occurred during or after:
    • Vietnam War, ended roughly early to middle 1970s
    • War between the Soviets and Afghanistan, 1970s on through at least a decade, and well known terrorist groups got a hold of some of the weapons
    • Libya, ongoing

Lastly, proximity of missiles near Muslim Holy Sites:
  • Already interwoven in the general thread of anything having to do with warfare in the Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, Arab lands or regions, one of the chief reasons why the suspense is so thick when weapons and fighting there or near there is a subject matter, is because of the sheer number of miles it is to Muslim holy sites.  The Muslim World simply is very wary of having missiles fly ever so slightly off course in the region, because of a concern that they could accidentally hit key sites.  Of course the closer missiles come to the sites, the more worried everyone in the Muslim World gets, from leader on to individuals walking through town, or who cannot even walk.

These are the major points for now; this article might be revised or added onto
written and published Sunday April 9, 2017


Chinese Leader to Visit United States April 2017

April 6, 2017
Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit the Unites States midweek, talks with leaders.


'Unexplained Paradox' of Missing Teen Females in Washington DC Might be the Explanation to the Disappearances

March 31, 2017
Setting the record straight:
The definition of a paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement, or it is self-contradictory.  In easy to understand words, it is when two ideas that make up the sentence contradict each other and the whole of the statement winds up making no sense.

The Nation's Capital is not a factory that produces missing female teens in numbers of 2000 each year, irrespective of how far back the statistics go, 3 years, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, and so forth.

Despite the fact that it has happened over and over again, it is not grounds to get comfortable with the situation, and accept it as a 'new norm'.

In recent weeks, there has been a storm brewing as to why somewhere between 2 dozen and 25 teenage females, or ages thereabout, 'disappeared' in a very short span of time.  Then came a rebound that it is in a doubtful zone, a gray area, as to whether the disappearances were the decisions of own

Forthrightly, the Lyons disappearance case, that took place outside Wheaton/Westfield Mall in the Silver Spring area back in 1975, a case still ongoing, is being looked at with renewed scrutiny, right through here, concurrent the disappearances of the teenagers from DC in March 2017, both the sets of disappearances are within a few minutes drive from each other; essentially close to the same area.

DC area and Maryland residents are sick of the games.

The gray area, as to whether teen girls disappeared the result of their own decision, perhaps an outgrowth of a maturity stage, is one of the games, this where the human trafficking, the manipulation starts.  If it was an easy clear-cut situation of a female was coerced under force in broad daylight with plenty of witnesses, then it would be easy to pinpoint the root of the problem, clamp down, and punish the perpetrators.  It is when there is some cloudiness, that gives enough wiggle room for a perpetrator to escape direct blame, and direct punishment, that the perpetrators can make their escape, and have more time to continue in the crimes.

It is not just that simple either; some of the perpetrators are women, not just intimidating men with grubby beards; and in some situations, the perpetrator is a family member or related to, which softens the blame when the finger has to be pointed to the perpetrator by the victim.  The likelihood that the niece of a perpetrator that has been raised and fed by the older female will press charges that result in jail is reduced.

The game of manipulation.

Not sure whether the teenage female or girl ran away, or was kidnapped, in today's terminology, 'trafficked'?,- let us look the other way, this is just a runaway situation that happens a couple of thousand times a year, no big deal, keep going to the mall, keep partying, drive to work the next morning, and all is okay, meanwhile the seat of government is an embarrassment far beyond the scope of what can be summed up here; that is not the perspective to hold on solving the situation.

It is an age old situation now, unfortunately, of teenagers disappearing from DC, especially the numbers being comparatively high when the victims can be described as African American or having similar outward features.

The solution might have in it, the realization that that, there is, a push and pull to relax the response to 'disappearances', and that middle-ground gray area cases, runaway or under coercion, needs to be categorized and put in jar that indicates that is the dynamic of the situation.

Title of this story was revised to end with 'to the Disappearances' for easier understanding of the idea of what is being stated


ISIS Will Never be Welcome to the Muslim World After Claim of Suicide Bombing Attack on the Qebir and Ard Kard Yadakar Tomb and Mausoleum of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

February 17, 2017
Referent events occurring Thursday

A suicide bomber is blamed on an attack that claimed the lives of about 70 according to some sources and about 100 per local well reputed sources.  The numbers injured are between 150 and 190.

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, as he is known by many, has tomb, or transliterated from popular languages in the region qbir, and its surrounding mausoleum, in Sehwan, Sindh Province, in Pakistan.  The tomb has been extant, set, for about 500 years.

Now see, ISIS over the past several years has attacked numerous worshippers whom not all are not known to be engaging in the same systems of prayer insofar details which do not affect the unity of them all being believers in the Creator; that is the clear sign that they are an enemy of those peace loving.

Earthquake in New Zealand Devastating Beyond What a Number Can Describe. Global Roundup for November 16 16.

November 17, 2016
The 7.8 Richter Scale earthquake that hit the region of New Zealand where Kaikoura was epicenter in the past few days is roughly about 30% stronger than the severe earthquake that hit central Italy a few months ago.  Thousands need assist.  Nations like the U.S have come to aid.

Global roundup/ further reading, these are some of the stories:

1- Reaction to U.S. President Obama arrival in Athens, Greece exhibited by ranks of the youth unleashed a wave of tumultuous energy, perhaps to manifest their discomfort of what they perceive as certain issues

2- 'Strange' metal object lands in Myanmar

3- India's Modi visiting Central Asian countries

4- As he was moved to make a statement, 'former Swedish foreign minister and prime minister Carl Bildt has called Donald Trump's election 'the end of the West as we know it'.

5- Migrant crisis with respect to Brussels

The 45th Presidential Election Result

November 10, 2016
November 9th, 2016

The Tuesday of major voting this November 2016 has it Mister Donald Trump the elected President of the United States.

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Reports that about 200 persons off the coast of Libya have been lost in their immigration efforts. Sadder, the world has not stopped by almost the least bit to reach out and help the situation, an ongoing situation of drownings and boats overturning in the region. Had 200 been lost in a major terror attack in a well known city in Europe or the U.S., it would be all over the front page of everyone's newspaper, but it, the drownings, is not. Why?

Important developments here in the U.S. will continue, and for now all the comments that could be siad by witnesses of the immigration situation in the waters between Italy and Africa, will be left for them to say, but not here.

posted November 3, 2016

posted August 7, 2016

Olympics in Rio 2016 rolls on thus far, not without a few misadventures though

Be ready for heat waves and heavy rains at the same time, light possibilities, just in case, for DC area. A tropical storm might be headed too Hawaii soon.
posted July 24th, 2016

'Where large amounts of gun homicides are, are some of the cities where the African American population there is thick', 'violence over trite matter, where Hispanics and Latinos live', 'unspeakable violence where Natives live'... stereotypes that do not -belong- and should not be in America; referent cities where violence is a regular occurrence is undergoing a plight that puts it in its own isolated world, they are not in separate isolated worlds, where one hand does not know what the other hand is doing, it all needs change
posted July 24th, 2016

Heatwave in the USA to be taken seriously, Chicago south to Texas, and Southwestern region especially Arizona getting hit by the brunt of extreme heat as of today July 22, 2016; other regions not necessarily in the wave should not to take that for granted
posted July 22nd 2016

Paris, France labor union demonstrating and clashing with police becoming alarming and violent; developments today June 14, 2016
   'Missiles being hurled'..., tell-tale signs the situation has escalated past uncomfortable limits

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